New Wings/Friends in NYC/Long Island

I am trying to find new wings/ friends in NYC and Long Island.

About Me: I'm 25 years old, just moved here for a job. Unfortunately, my only friend in the area is engaged, so I have been going out alone to meet women.

I love traveling and gaming new venues. I live in Queens, but I want to hit up all places in Manhattan, Long Island, and even White Plains for fresh chicks. Basically anywhere but New Jersey, I want to hit up.

I'm a bit of an adventurer and I am looking for the same in a wing. Ideally I would want us to pick up some hot girls and take them jet skiing on the weekend. If that sounds like fun to you, hit me up because we are on the same page.

I'm a college graduate in a city job, but I am entreprenuer at heart and have several business ideas kicking around at the moment. I'm also into pranks, comedy, making funny videos and motorcycles. If it matters I am a 5'11'' white guy, 185 pounds, slightly above average looks. My style is fitted tees and jeans.

Ideally I'm looking for one or two friends to game with, but also to hang out with and do cool shit with. Going out winging together is cool, but when we pull groups of girls we want to be able to tell them stories other than just about other times we were out picking up girls.

Some of you guys have balls posting your phone number on here, I won't be doing that. Just let me know if you're interested and I'll hit you up with my info.