NYC Wing: Beginner to intermidiate level

Hey guys,

I'm new on this forum and as you can tell i am looking for a couple wings to go out with REGULARLY. That includes weekdays along with weekends.

I am 20 years old.
Oh no, we can't go to bars, what will we do?!
Well, actually yes we can and we don't have to just hit up bars. I am looking to do day game and night game.

I am new to the game, but I'm no moron, so have no fear and we can learn this game and reap the benefits!

I looking for open minded people that have a genuine interest in people and the world. I'm looking to prowl the streets and have a great time.

If you are interested in meeting up, then tell me a bit about yourself. Age, where you like to meet people, your type of game, interests, etc

I am a marketing major. I love the gym, poker, philosophy, and psychology.
I love to gamble, so let's meet up for a game of billiards and meet some chicks at the same time!

BigFeet ; )