NYC: Select wings


Me (at the present time): 24 yrs old. Finance professional (capital markets/hedge funds). Successful. Avid reader of classic literature. Socially skilled, confident, intelligent, quite good-looking, tall. Lover of science-fiction. Likes having fun. Happy calm.

Me (5/6 years ago): Withdrawn, painfully shy. Found it hard to be strong and assertive. Had a really tough time, came from a violent home, was very sensitive and got traumatised by school and stuff at home. Bit of a geek, but generally well-liked by people. Hyper-rebellious. Angry. Confused.

Objective: Taking it to the next level. I have success with girls, but mainly through my social network, not from clubs/bars. I want to learn how to be electrifying, radiant - take my social skills to a more exciting level.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone whose on a similar level, or is an advanced PUA, and is also relatively intelligent and normal who'd be interested in meeting up to sarge and gain access to more reference experiences by making multiple approaches.

please e-mail me: ddevito48 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

And no, I'm not actually danny devito, but I thought it best not to use my real name!! Oh and PS I'm british, just moved to NYC.

E-mail me.