NYC Newbie wingman wanted, Starting from scratch, seeks same.


I'm a noob. Read The Game, currently reading Mystery Method, and will soon read other classics of the field.

Going to a workshop this weekend.

Never EVER sarged before. I can get the girls easily, but rarely over an 8. Sick and tired of and Nerve.

I'm looking for a wingman to start from SCRATCH with. Learn the ropes.

Go out into the field and study, study, study. Practice, hone skills, and have a good time at it.

Three nights per week, AT LEAST. Until our competence gets good.

Then, er, move on to the next level I guess.

Any takers?

Go ahead and email me:

Me: 6ft 3in, white guy, 38 YEARS OLD, slightly above average looking. Own my own business.

You: at least in your 30s. RESPECT women. No meatheads.