Birthday party in Vegas, questions.

Hey fellas, I am finally making my way into Vegas for the first time next week! I have few questions to ask:
-What are good places to go where I won't see too many 7's or blow?
-I know dress code is strict, but I also don't want to be just like 1,000 other tourists wearing same thing. So what should I bring with me clothing wise?
I have a black plaid shirt and thinking of getting a black cowboy hat to complement the shirt...and hopefully it will be one of those items that girls want to try on.

-Also if anyone wants to meet up, that'd be great. Our group will have one guy who's getting married (good for him), and 2 more single guys who don't know the game, but are pretty social. If you're interested, just PM me, otherwise reply with info on clothing and clubs.

Thank you.