Tips for my las vegas trip?

Hi guys,
I'm going to be in Las Vegas with some friends this weekend. The plan is like this:

1. Some gambling and a strip club(suggestions?), dinner(suggestions?).
2. Headover to club Tao, spend a few hours.

1. Brunch at Bally's Sterling Brunch.
2. Gamling.
3. Dinner at the Bellagio Buffet.
4. 7.30 pm show - Cirque De soleil.
5. Headover to club Pure/Lax.

I'm looking for help with the following:

1. Suggestions on how to get into the clubs in style? Instead of standing in line? VIP passes somehow? :-)
2. Suggestions on a good place to eat Saturday night dinner?
3. Good venues to switch to after being at Tao/Pure to keep the club experience going?
4. Suggestions on a good strip club?

Would really appreciate help guys!