Las Vegas Active Pick Up Artist Wingman & Group

hey guys,

I'm Andrew, 34, been immersed in the game and following Rsd, Mystery, Dyd & many others, going out and meeting women at bars and clubs consistently for over 10 yrs.

Going to be moving to Vegas in 1 week to meet women all day every day and to take my game to the next level and to hopefully work with the Rsd Immersion Program.

Looking to connect with other like minded active pick up artists who still sarge regularly and to setup or join an active group if anyone here is interested.

Hitting the hottest clubs, bars, strip clubs, hotel lobbies etc, learning from and helping each other get better having fun and just partying a whole lot.

Also happen to be looking for a room for rent or to put in on a decent 2 or 3 bed apartment or something if anyone is in that category.

Message me, post your number or text me and we'll meet up. (760) 814-3648. Let's do this.