Superconference 2013 Las Vegas!!!

Hey guys,

Wanted to let you know we still have seats left for the Superconference on October 4th - 6th led by Savoy plus our top instructors coming in from all over the world.

If you are interested in attending, please call Phero as soon as possible at +1 323 836 0150 ext.120 as this event is expected to sell out. We also have several seminars taking place before and after the big event:

Inner Game Led By Braddock - October 3rd

Same Night Lays Led By Intrigue - October 7th

Humor, Improv, Attraction Led By Big Business (most likely last one ever) - October 7th

Trigger Words Led By Braddock - October 7th

Breakthrough Comfort Led By Future - October 8th

We hope to see you there!