Belgium visitor!:) any advice? maybe meetup?


Sorry to bother you
If you dont have time, no problem but I can just ask you know...
I'll be coming to the US with a friend of mine, this will be my schedule:

5 - 10 march: New york
10 - 18 march: miami
18 - 24 march: Cancun
24 march - 4 april: LA ten days rental car, flight back to Belgium from Las Vegas...

so around 1-4 April we will be in the Las Vegas area a few days...

now I have some questions:

1) good clubs to go in New york / Miami / Las Vegas / LA/ California in general? good places to meet girls during the day?
2) other hints on where to stay or definite must see/do's are also welcome, off course also in the perspective of girls or if we can stay at your place, let me know!
3) if you would have some good contact to get in touch with, or maybe if you are yourself around, would be nice to hang out some time and have some fun

Thanks beforehand and all the best you guys, and maybe see you later who knows


ps. if you could get us in at a party at the playboy mansion or something alike, that would be cool too