Jersey Shore Summer 2013

With Memorial Day almost here, I wanted to put a call out to guys who are going to be in the Jersey Shore area that want to go out anywhere in the Seaside/Point Pleasant/Belmar/Asbury Park/Long Branch vicinity. There's a couple of us from the forum who've been going out lately and doing well, but it'd be great to get a group of like-minded guys together to go out, support each other, have fun, work on ourselves, and meet some beautiful and interesting girls. Not looking for the guys who sit in a corner, only talk about game, and stalk targets, but rather for guys who want to go out, have fun, be in state, and then work on their game from there; girls can tell when you're actually having fun and when you're just trying to fake it. Doesn't matter what stage of game you're at, as long as you're a cool guy who's motivated and wants to have a good time. It's gonna be an awesome summer!