Nick Hoss Classic Videos and Audios

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I'm going to be posting a cumulative thread of my videos and audios below, adding whenever I make new ones. I'm sitting on enough audio to last my whole career, so make sure to check back.


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Day Game Infield Videos

To see a breakdown of these approaches, go to my Day Game PUA site.

My first Nick Hoss day game video is of me approaching, attracting and number closing a girl in Stockholm, Sweden, all after seeing her walk by as I was teaching the Project Rockstar 2011 students

A Nick Hoss client gets a phone number

A Nick Hoss client does a direct day game approach video.

Love Systems Triad_Model

I made this video for the attendees of the 2011 PUA Super Conference. If you are brand new to Love Systems and want to get a solid foundation to work from, this video will help you to lay it.

Love Systems Triad Model


College Game Webinar

This is an EPIC webinar I made about college game, almost two hours long with tons of college-specific info. If you go to my College Game PUA page you'll find a ton more resources and videos too.


Day Game Beginner's Audio

These are six audios from a conference call interview I did in December 2011. If you are new to day game and would like to know how to approach it (differently than night game), these are for you. I break down the ways to approach, what to say and how to say it, along with a plethora of other tips.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Day Game Advanced Audio

Stryker and I fill the gap of advanced day game with an informal interview series on the topic. Listen to the different types of approaches we use, how to calibrate to different kinds of girls and how to read situations. Lots of secrets in here you won't find elsewhere.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Day Game Podcast

Four-part series on an array of day game topics including: beginner day game, female day game psychology, "man" game, and a bonus section of Toronto PUA tips. This is a really pro podcast.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | BONUS

Day Game Approach Q & A

Live audio from a mini seminar Q & A, the most common questions on day game and my answers on the spot. Also some tips from instructor Big Business.

Common Day Game Questions

Day Game Wealth and Appearance

Raw from a mini seminar, this cut is my answer to how much wealth and appearance matter when you're doing a daytime approach. Live from one of my Los Angeles Mini Seminars.

Day Game Wealth and Appearance

Day Game Mindsets

I outline the four major mindsets I use during the daytime. (Inner game.) I also tell the story of how I got the phone number of a Sports Illustrated cover model on a subway platform in New York. This is live from my NYC mini seminar in 2011.

Day Game Mindsets

College Game Tips

From my now retired college game mini seminar, this was also recorded in New York. I highlight what attracts college girls, the attitude to adopt around campus and how to become its king.

Nick Hoss College Game

(9 and 10) Game Advanced Tips

An hour's worth of interviewing with Helicase, one of our best guys with 9 and 10 game. This recording goes beyond the usual "have tighter game," "you get less room for mistakes" stuff you usually hear. Some straight-up and down-to-earth knowledge being dished by the best.

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Dates Interviews

This is a series of interviews with various Love Systems instructors. Each one tells the story of dates he's went on and his own tips and tactics for dates. Plus, each instructor gives specific advice on a speciality of his. The best dates knowledge out there is in these audios.

Intrigue - PUA Date Ideas
Pounders - Logistics and Touching on Dates
Mr M - Advanced PUA Dates
Keychain - Calibrating Your Dates
Helicase - Framing and Non-neediness on Dates
Vercetti - Embracing Sexuality and Managing Relationships

The Three Biggest Fallacies of Dates
Common Dating Mistakes
Breaking the Rules of Dates
First Date Tips - Immediately Applicable

DATE! The Complete Home Study Course - Preview

Weekly Wingmen - Podcast with Intrigue

Week 1 - Super Conference 2012, the best and worst cities to game and venue access
Week 2 - Guest interview with Helicase about developing instinct, transitioning for night game and extreme push/pull
Week 3 - Guest interview with Zach Ripper about the Project Rockstar experience, 'gamecations', how mentorship forces you to improve, and what makes a good Project Rockstar application.
Week 4 - Routines vs. natural game, which is better, which we use, and then we get into a fight.
Week 5 - We solve the routines vs. natural game dilemma, and discuss the strategies we took and now recommend for becoming more natural with women.
Week 6 - We answer a question about short setting. We also talk about the stereotypes of pick up.
Week 7 - We discuss the age-old “nice guy” syndrome, neediness and how you can overcome them without being a dick.
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