Got an Email--Should I even bother?

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    Got an Email--Should I even bother?

    I went out the other night with the intention of just having fun with my bros. I wasn't really looking to 'game' any girls. The night of course turned out to be extremely fun. I ended up dancing with at least 10 girls, got a few numbers and an email address from the hottest Brazilian chick I've ever laid my eyes on.

    I finally learned it the hard way, when you look like a good time, girls want to be a part of that (wish I realized this sooner). Of course I was drunk on tequila, but still, I need to start getting in that element more often when I'm sober.

    Anyway, I got an email address from this Brazilian girl, I tried to get a number, but I guess she doesn't have one (must be here on holiday?). I have never tried communicating with women via email, is it worth trying to get in touch with her? I'm thinking about throwing this email out, but if any of you can convince me otherwise, I guess I'll have nothing to lose. Anyone with experience and success with setting anything up by emailing foreign girls, please chime in.


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    well..emails are used like any other texting tool. The chances of her replying will depend on how deep you have progress through the interaction phases.
    From your story, I can tell that you have managed to make it to the attraction phase. But am not sure if you have gone through comfort and seduction. It is clearly true to me that you have not gone through comfort as you are still not sure if she is here on a holiday or not.
    Still not sure though..why she didn't for example give you her facebook?!
    If I were you..I wold not get my hopes up on getting a reply but am gonna give it a shot anyways..I'll email something short or should be a call back humor from the interaction you had with her..Don't go pushing for a meetup as it will reduce your already slim chances of getting a reply.

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