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Discuss Need some advice on getting out of the friendzone? at the Newbie Discussion Forum within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Need some advice on getting out of the friendzone? An 8/10 has friendzoned me.I did ...
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    Need some advice on getting out of the friendzone?

    An 8/10 has friendzoned me.I did not intend to start liking her but as i got to know her more i started liking her more,and as more time went by i started getting sexually attracted to her.I am rather deep in the friendzone but i go out clubbing with her and a few friends every week so i get a new chance very week.However,every time we go out i either get piss drunk or am too sober to try anything.When i get piss drunk i do not pay attention to her at all,i just act like i own the club and meet tons of people whose names i cannot remember the next day.I was thinking of kissing her the next time we go out,although i dont know if itll help.Kissing doesn't mean anything to her btw,so she'll have no issues kissing me.Other thing i can try is dirty dancing,i know an amazing technique that would get her turned on but im always too drunk/sober to actually try it on her.BTW we're both 16,and i'm an AFC when it comes to girls..Thanks.

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    Okay so a girl friendzoned you, yet she would kiss you no problem at all? What kind of girl is this? Does she kiss every good friend of her?

    Anyway if you are in the friendzone, the most usefull advice is just break contact for a couple of months and reinitiate and go from there. This situation sounds a bit more tricky because she is in your social circle. When you are "piss drunk" and you approach other girls, how does she react? Is she happy for you or a bit jealous? You gave alot of information but nothing about the chemistry between you two. If you want her to be your girlfriend, you could kiss her at the club, but it means nothing for her as you described. So you should try to get on a date with her where she won't just kiss anyone. Give us more details on how you two are interacting with eachother and within the social circle.

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