Here are my too cents (most was already said above):

1. Being a gentleman and NOT kissing her is just what 30% of dudes would do, the other 50% would be slobbering over her. The other 20% would be doing the right thing. Drop the Gent from your attitude.

2. Drop this monoidiesm you have! You are too fixated with her. And THIS will come back and BITE you, and it WILL hurt. Don't give her too much value. And to tell you this: START getting other dates with OTHER WOMEN while you are dating her! (Personal experience).

3. Using the internet to get HB's is rather creepy IMO, you could use it to get a proximate reaction and test out some NEG's. But there is nothing like going in live and on camp.

Study (the forum, Magic Bullets, Mystery Method, Rules Of The Game). Get a wingman from your zone and go on missions. Practice makes perfect.