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  1. How was it? I hope it went well
    You should really make the FIRST MOVE since you're the guy and just do it nicely. she'll love it!


  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! you got it! always be nice to her and know her more. Hope you'll share us what happened

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    Okay so shit just got real, she told me I am her best friend, I don't know if this is good or not... Anyways we went to a party together this weekend, and our friends rushed to the clubs and i got her to go home and sleep over at my place. I was a little bit more drunk than her, so I didnt try too much. But i kissed her on the lips a few times and we massaged eachother, and we talked for hours in bed when we woke up. Also, i kissed her again tonight for the first time without alcohol in the blood. Now we are dating behind our friends backs, I like where this is going I just have to do my thing!

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    Good to hear.... Now all you need to do is ESCALATE!

    Watch this Video, it'll do you good, bro:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesars View Post
    YEAH ! Remember, you don't wait for opportunities, you make them !

    Thank you for this. Changed my life

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    feelings for a very good friend

    Hey you have done good things. Congrats! Keep in mind never live a fake life or moment. It would have been very disgusting if you didnít tell her how exactly you were feeling that night. If you have habits to hide things from the ones you love or trust then you will always be in frustration. And if you tell everything you have been feeling for your love then atleast you will be happy that you have given a good performance and if she then rejects you that means she has herself opened other ways for you. Donít be a screwed up in her eyes by keeing your things behing her.

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    OK so this took a while because of some really busy weeks at school, but it was worth it in the end for me. We spent 4 days together now on another vacation and we had sex a few times, it was awesome! She likes me better and better I can tell, she even told some of our closest friends we are dating. I feel like the luckiest guy alive right now, hope this can motivate some other pussies like me!

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    She showed interest. You need to act on it. What good are leads if you can't close them?


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