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  1. Day 20 No open
    DAY 19 I had to go to the mall to buy some gift. I opened 2 sets.First set was a one set, did the soul classical open from behind. She was surprised and happy with my direct opener but then I saw the big ring. My first mall open using soul's method. 2nd was a sales, open direct and did tummy banter about my look for a rich girl to make sugar mama. Initially refused to give me numb as she and boyfriend but I just hanged in there and number close. I am building a list of flake numbers...i will keep on texting using the long fuse strategy. Let see if someone is going to turn to medium or short....Have to keep going. Today I felt more relaxed with not much fear. Could have opened more but I happy with 2 sets and one number close. One thing is for sure, I am putting in a lot more effort than anyone to get a taste of this. Anyway worth it. 2 more again tomorrow.....So no lawyer is here who can help me???????

  2. Day 18 One open in Walmart. Talked for 3 minute and she just wanted to leave. Tomorrow I am on call so no open and then start the last 16 days of freedom....

  3. Day 17 On call No open
    DAY 16 Again no open . I was so tired, slept all night. Been missing a lot of friday night out. Need to work on this. Have to go night at least 2 nights.
    DAY 15 Wandered for 2 hours but could not open any day sets. Night no open in the first club but opened 10 in the next club. All lasted for less then 5 minutes. BUt I was opening any girls I saw I wanted to go and talk. Also I had strong frame and will push the interaction of initially the girls were not interested. I had to get my answer before I left. Did not use any 10 minute stacks. Now onwards I have to start using my 10 minutes stack and try to hold conversation for 10 minutes at least. Let see how many 10 minutes I can get next week......

  4. Day 14 ...way too busy with stuff to go out , so no open.
    Day 13 ...I go to the local coffee shop to read and also open 2 girls. A lot of girls came in and out of the shop and I kept making excuses. Rather 2 excuses ...not good looking or way too young. So head to target and opened one girls. Girl busy shopping

    Me : ( Nervous and in a fast pace)...I saw you from there and though you were beautiful . I had to meet you.
    She: Sorry I am married.
    Me : God can you please wear your ring so that guys like us don't get confused
    She : I don't have to wear my ring
    I eject , that was all I did. Tomorrow again 2 sets and want it to last 5 minutes using Soul 3 question what do you do for fun, living and what are you doing now...

  5. Day 12 2 open in Walmart
    First set : She cross by me, I was like 1..2...turned back and opened direct. Again she was married. Just added a funny spin to it by saying that would be the stupidest thing I have done to hit on a married girl. We talked about the stupid things we have done and had a good laugh. I say good bye. She was fun and I have a great 5 minutes.

    Second set : Girl wearing this cute rainbow dress. I could not help myself but go and talk to her. Talked about 1 minutes about what she does for living and fun but no IOI from her. I anyway went ahead and number close. Looks like a high chance of flake as she I called her she said she is carrying her work phone. Will text her tomorrow and see what happens.

    Day 11 : One open sales girl. Thats the easy way out. Se is again married . I should not open sales girl because it is easy and usually does not have a happy ending.

    Meanwhile, I am texting with short fuse with a girl I met last week. Will push for a date this week and see where this goes.....

    2 again tomorrow. I don't think I will be socially free this month end. May need a few meow months ...

  6. Day 10 One open in Super market...went direct on a sales girl and tried to close but she came up with a excuse which I have never heard before..."i can't give my number when I am working". Had no answer for that. For the last few days I am opening consistent that ia a good thing.

    Day 9 ...There was no time to there goes my consistency in the waste bin.....

    Today day open 5 and night open 15....

  7. Day 8 .... I suck big time ... No day open and only one night open .... Ahhhh. Hours and hours gone with no sight of the destination. How long will this take ? I have to do the dirty work to get anywhere. Tomorrow 2 open.

  8. Day 0 ... Been slow over the last few days .. So giving it 3 more months till superconference in october 5th. Rules are same day open 2 per weekday and 5 on Friday and Saturday. Night open at 15 on Friday and Saturday. 3 more months of life..... Long long way to my dream.....

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    Dude don't beat yourself up over this. I see a trend in your posts of "i suck" negative posts. If you think negative you are only going to get negative things come your way. Trust me I know. I do this to myself all the time. Be more positive.

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    I admire your progress and willing to do better, but you need to start closing, getting dates, and do much more with your game. I think you've approached probably a hundred or so girls by now

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