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  1. she called should i proceed?

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    So what happened now? Sounds like once she realized that she might lose you she started trying a little harder.

  4. nevermind she didnt call me again later that week (i deleted her #...misread it)

    how do i play this? i figure my options are:

    a) call her back
    b) dont call her back and wait for her to initiate contact
    c) continue to ignore her even if she initiates

    im totally lost...never tried gaming a friend before. i know for a fact she will meet me up, but thats cuase we are legitimate friends.

    kinda wish my female friend didnt answer the phone that night. last thing id want to do is push her towards another guy.

    help me out here guys haha

  5. can anyone give me some realworld advice?

  6. thinking of feeling her out with a email/txt


  7. sent her a quick email and she replied with "i miss you"

    how do i proceed?

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    Well to be honest I wouldn't act like you miss her as much as she misses you.

    Don't say it back.

    I would also not try and make a date with her to something because she misses you, and you want to hang out with just her. Wait till you already have something going on with your friends and casually ask her if she wants to go but act like it's not a big deal if she does.

    Anyhow I'm in the same boat as you really, different parts though.

    Kino is really the key if the girl likes you but you are not in a relationship. So take her out with your friends drinking or to something social, and just escalate Kino and she how she responds to it all.

    Anyhow, it's all push and pull and it's shitty but you have to keep composure and not worry if she doesn't take everything you throw at her.

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