Venues Charlotte Nc/Total Scene Breakdown

Ok im going to list Venues and not only what nights they are bangin but also where in the bar it is easiest to sarge. Keep in mind all clubs bars close at 2am(sucks Im from New Orleans = no closing time, no last call) There are more bars and clubs in Charlotte I feel the following are the most attractive and highest quality.

The Break Down

Grand Central StationMy #6 Pick, 21up cept Thurs 18up
Best Nights;Friday,Saturday
Best Time to Arrive;11:00 both nights
Bio; One level club;
Mainly a Dance club. Pretty laxed dress code. Only one floor. Pretty loud in the entire venue. Girls here are a little bit lower quality as far as social value but still decently hot. Its pretty loud in the entire place making it hard to talk anywhere you go. Guys in this place are fight happy. You will get a number of bridal parties here for some reason.
Best Parts of the Bar For Sarging;Pretty much anywhere you go will be the same. If you go in here be ready to dance and bounce the girl somewhere more quiet. Last time I was in this club I fclosed a day 2 fb8.5 asian girl that could dance her ass off. Basically if you have dance skills you will have a good time if you dont I wouldnt bother there are better places you could go.

Brick and Barrel My #5 Pick, 21 up
Best Nights;Friday,Saturday
Best Time to Arrive;11pm both nights
Bio;Has main level and Basement Bar upper/Club lower. Pretty laxed dress code. This place gets pretty crowded really fast. Good place to meet but I would have a bounce bar set up. The hb's should be pretty high lvl.
Best Parts of the Bar For Sarging;
The main floor will be best for a1-a3and c1 phase.
Lower level is a dance floor. Dont go down there unless all you want to do is bump and grind. You can get away with murder down there since it is dark music is loud. You probably fuck a girl with a short skirt and no one would notice. Last time I was there I danced with an hb8 after gaming her upstairs. 10 minutes into dancing got so hot so quick bounced 10 minutes later an dfclosed.

CosmosMy #4 Pick, 21up only
Best Nights;Friday,Saturday
Best Time to Arrive;11pm both nights
Bio;Two Level Bar/resturant. No Tennis shoes! Pretty cool place a bit more upscale. Most of the hottest woman will be at this bar.It is a good location since you have a number of different places/clubs nearby to bounce a girl to and it is right across the street from the holiday inn.
Best Parts of the Bar For Sarging;
Upstairs is nice you can talk easily and is a great place for c stages since there are nice big couches up there
Downstairs is good for standing game. There are normal tables but most everyone stands.

The ForumMy #3 Pick, 18up on Wednesdays 21up any other night
Best Nights; Wednesday,Friday,Saturday
Best Time to Arrive;Wednesday 10pm, Friday12am, Saturday11pm
Bio;3 level club. This is a nice place. There is a mixed crowd here. On Wednesday night it is going to be packed since it is one of the few places 18 and up can go in Charlotte but the teens that will be there will be smoking hot. Pretty loud place. Anywhere near the dance floor will be hard to speak.
Best Parts of the Bar For Sarging;This Club Has 3 lvls;
Main levelis where the dancing takes place in the center of the club. To the left and right of the main dance floor is where the bar areas are. One bar is more secluded with a dividing wall between it to the dance floor so it is a bit quiter. It has its own smaller dance floor. There are couches in this area which is great for a1-c3 stages. One of my wings got a handjob in this area so its golden.
Middle Level is a very small area really just for vip can talk in this area since the music is below but like I said its a vip area and not worth it since there really arent that many hb's in this area.
Roof LevelBest spot in the club for a1-c3 stages. Its more quiet the hottest girls are up there nice comfortable couches and its own private bar.

CansMy #2 pick 21 up
Best Nights; Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday
Best Time to Arrive;Every night around 1130-1200 is max crowd cept Sunday get there earlier around 9pm.Sunday is karaoke.
Bio;3 level Bar.Most relaxed dress code. Thursdays are huge for some reason I think there is some kind of special on drinks that night and everyone is out. The following nights pretty much any part of the bar you go into will be nice.
Parts of The Bar Best for Sarging;
(1)The main floor Loudest part of the bar has music playing but its not overpowering to the point you could not have a good convo with someone.
(2)The Basement; Its more quiet than the main floor and usually not as crowded. Better than the main floor for c stages of your game definitely the best bounce location to build comfort since there are couches etc. down there.
(3)The Roof;My favorite location since it is the most quiet the hottest hb's are up there and the view is really cool. Last time I gamed on the roof I bounced a hb8 from this floor out of a 6 set no prob.

Alley CatsMy #1 Pick 21 and up
Best Nights;Friday,Saturday
Best Time to Arrive;1030 both nights
Bio; One level club with outside area.Newest club so everyone is hitting it up. There is a dance floor in the far end of the club which is nice and a bar that surrounds it all. This place is generally packed and pretty big.
Best Parts of the Bar For Sarging;
Anywhere Inside not close to the dance floor is great for a1-c2 stages. I like the area closest to the door since it is the quietest spot an dthere are still a number of people in and out.
The Patio AreaThis is the best all around place. Its quiet very relaxing atmosphere and the girls are generally looking to talk. the hottest girls in the city will be at this place.