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    i have a great idea

    this weekend i'm going sarging at a gay bar. the ladies there will have their guards down. what do you guys think?

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    I'm 23 and new to the mystery method. I would love to meet and go sarging with fellow PUAs. you can reach me at

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    May 2007
    columbia missouri

    columbia mo, need wingman

    ive live in como for about 16 years now, and i know all the hot spots, prob is im new to the game and i need a exp wingman to help me get started, if anyones interested hit me up

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    st louis... lived in San Diego and Austin

    hey im a 20yr natural from san diego... its been awhile since being on the forums but the summer and the amount of time i have on my hands has forced me. im firestone... im looking for some capable PUAs and maybe even a few AFCs to go sarging with. the best way to get a hold of me is off myspace or facebook at or search facebook andrew baker

  5. Hi guys. I am new to these boards, and somewhat new to the game. I live in smaller town of Missouri called Sedalia. Originally I am from Orlando, FL, so going to a big city and sarging will feel like home. My e-mail is

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    Whats up guys. Born and raised here so I know quite a bit of hotspots. Been studying and learning this stuff for about 2 years now....would like to hang out with those who know about this as well.... hit me up @; I am based in the South County area around Tesson Ferry

  7. Damn, are there actually guys studying seduction around here? I've never met any. I'm looking for a wing or wings because all my friends are lame AFCs.

    I'm 21, and I currently live about 50 minutes south of STL in Jefferson County, although I'll be going to Southeast in the fall.

    I'm pretty new so I don't care if you're a noob or experienced, send me a pm
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    Limi(t)less in StL

    Hey whats up StL guys. I've been in contact with several of you since I posted here.

    Send me a pm and I'll hit you back up with my email address.

    I'd like to get something rollin' if the dynamic is cool amongst us as well as spread and learn more and more knowledge of seduction and seducing the finest women around our neck of the woods....

    - Limi(t)less

  9. Hey St.Louis!

    I am looking for a few others who have a great skill set already. I am skilled and I do some teaching also. I would like to go out sarging with some of St. Louis finest and share some great techniques. If this sounds like you then hit me up and let's meet some of the best girls in St. Louis.

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    St. Louis, MO

    I'm in Ballwin and just discovered all of this about a week ago. Problem is I'm only 19 and do not have a fake ID, so most clubs/bars might be out of the question. I'm a student at Maryville University and will be transferring to Springfield at the end of this semester, but I'm interested in checking this out. Add an invite to


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