Need a mentor in Mankato

Hey, guys. I really need someone to help me figure this stuff out. I've actually dated a few women and had a fairly decent sex life until recently, but my luck seems to have run out. I haven't dated anyone in years. The funny thing is, I actually think I'm funny and interesting, but I don't know what to say to a woman I'm not introduced to and I don't know how to use my strengths and sell myself.

I do not want some guy who refers to women as "bitches" and wants to teach me how to "bang a new broad every night". I just want ONE woman. I want meeting women to be less of a struggle. I want to be comfortable and skilled enough to go out and meet a woman whenever I don't have one.

I'd really like to meet a guy who knows what he's doing who'd be willing to take me under his wing (no pun intended). PM me if you think you can help. Thanks, guys.