Future Day Game Workshop (w/Lefty) NYC, April 2012

I knew I wanted to take a Day Game workshop with Future after seeing his Day Game demos on the Love Systems website. They are great examples on how to approach and convinced me that Future's style would really progress my game to the next level.

Short Summary
This was totally life-changing. NYC is the best city (in the US) for Day Game and Future and Lefty were awesome mentors on how to approach the women of New York City during the day!

Longer Version
I live in Dallas, TX and there are not many great spots to day game (the mall is pretty much it). I knew to get the best experience, I needed to go to one of the best day game friendly cities in the US, which was New York City.

Even though there were only two students, Future invited Lefty (junior instructor) to assist with the seminar and in-field. The most memorable parts of the seminar were Future's talk about Frame Control and Qualification. It was nice to also get Lefty's fresh perspective on game. He first started 6 months ago and is a good example of how fast you can improve with dedication and consistency.

The first day of in-field was a beautiful sunny day in New York City. I was very nervous at first and Future made it clear that I just had to get over it (I really appreciated this). I finally did and the approach anxiety passed after the first 2-3 girls (remember, same as night game, those don't "have to" count).

Soon after, things really started getting good, and for the first time ever in my life I approached and talked to 8s, 9s, and even a 10; absolutely amazing! After every approach, Future and Lefty would give me a debrief and suggest where I could improve. Being in NYC allowed the next approach to happen in 5-10 minutes and I could try out their suggestions almost immediately. I really couldn't ask for a better setup.

It rained on day two of in-field, so we gave it a shot at a museum and at Macy's (a huge NYC tourist attraction). This was WAY different than being on the street, but it gave me a whole new perspective, pushed my comfort zone, and allowed me to experience Day Game in ways I never imagined.

Big thanks to Future and Lefty for helping me to finally talk to the most beautiful women that have ever crossed my path. Truly life changing, confidence-boosting, and one of the best weekends of my life.