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    Quote Originally Posted by SamFisher View Post
    After she chatted with him for awhile she turned back to me and asked, "Are you really gay?" I answered "No, but my boyfriend is!" (credit: daxx I think)
    Haha Daxx is a fucking legend, I officially stole this one liner off him about 2 years ago


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    BC with Braddock in DC, January 2010.

    Go Packers! Such a tribalist opener... but I'm really from Mexico, so it comes from a good place. I hope your lives are as eventful and exciting as mine is turning out to be! I bet your stories are getting each day more and more outrageous (as they well should), however I must first disclose a caveat: This review contains personal information which friends have described to me as “shocking”. I will share it in hopes that it might help he who finds himself in similar waters, or might identify with such struggles. I will focus on inner game and personal change rather than specific techniques. I waited over a year to write this in order to avoid any leftover enthusiasm from the seminar to seep into my discourse. I also wanted the numbers to speak for themselves. This is my most honest attempt to review the bootcamp and recount 12 months of personal growth since I took it.
    Prior to 2010, I had opened little over 100 sets in 6 months of self-training. This averaged to roughly opening one set every 2 days, which is not surprising given my self-image at the time. After the bootcamp last January, my numbers increased drastically at first, yet dropped as the months went by. The instructors explained the importance of keeping track of every set, so it’s safe to say that I opened 570 sets in one year. That means 1.3 sets a day, and an improvement of 160%. That weekend in DC I opened more than 20 sets each night, a feat which used to seem impossible and now is relatively easy. Now that these facts have been stated, I shall explain in detail why Love Systems changed my life for the better, and gave me the tools to better deal with my problems.
    My mother died in October 2008, aged 53. I arrived quite late at the scene and was told that it was an accident, the circumstances of which were pretty shady. Gaze down, I inquired no further and entered denial for the better part of two years. The depression that ensued caused me to isolate myself, and after months of being miserable I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. The techniques in the Mystery Method enabled me to get a girlfriend, and to seriously consider a Bootcamp in order to further challenge the beliefs that had clearly restrained me for most of my life. However, even after the course, there was something holding me back, and driving me to become a self-help junkie (not necessarily a bad thing). I read most of the NLP literature out there (in order to somehow help myself and others), and for some time I found yours truly believing most of it. It was this obsession which distracted me from opening sets and to which I attribute my numerical decline as the months went by. Luckily, Derren Brown’s Tricks of the Mind reminded me to think more critically (it is ironic that I first heard of NLP because of him). This is not to say that I regret my exposure to NLP or that it does not contain scattered nuggets of truth here or there.
    But I digress. When I was finally ready (about 3-4 months ago), I slowly pieced together the sad truth about my mother’s death, which turned out to be by her own hand. After confronting some family members who had “protected” me, and frustratingly watching them squirm under the irrationality of untruths which they might themselves now believe, I grew quite bitter. I read books on suicide and joined a support group to get through this crisis, yet these pursuits offered little in the way of pragmatic advice, and much in the way of self-pity. Add to the mix finding out that my godfather, whom I believed had died in a car crash when I was 5, turned out to be a martyr of the gay movement in my native country. He was murdered by homophobic catholic soldiers and the details were never revealed to most of us until I started diligently and scientifically digging for skeletons in the closet (sigh...). These two conclusions shook my reality to its core and made me question everything I held true. They also explained a lot regarding my early years and why a good looking fellow like myself (blame it on the genes... mommy was a 10.5) had such trouble socializing. Had I not learned to be more assertive and aware of body language, I may have never learned the sad truths about my family.
    During this process, however, some of Braddock’s words stuck with me... echoes about not letting the outside world affect your inner state, and not reacting to the actions of others. I revisited the interview on how to be an Alpha male and on Inner Game, where the morbidly tall sensei echoed such wisdom once more in his charming “southern” accent. At the end of the “tape”, he recommended Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, claiming that “it will change your life.”
    The text in question did not disappoint. I will be ever grateful to Braddock for pointing me in this direction, and to Maltz himself of course for writing the thing quite ahead of his time (the neurological community’s consensus back then was that the human brain did not change). Not only have I now “forgiven” my family (the book explains why forgiveness is a self-contradictory concept, stemming from unnecessary condemnation), but I finally feel like I am becoming the man I want to be. Thanks to the healthy mindsets that I learned in DC, which have been gradually implemented into my life, it can now honestly be said that my mother’s suicide was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was her final and warmest gift. I write this without any cynicism or resentment whatsoever. I am grateful that she sacrificed herself (however compulsively) in order to open my eyes and help me challenge the beliefs that led to her demise.
    I want to be clear: I am not “there” yet. My goal for 2011 is to reach 2000 sets, an achievable aim which requires me to open roughly 4 a day. I am still not “good with women” in the sense that most instructors use the term, and I still don’t have a plethora of choices, but I am well on my way to getting there. I hooked up with 3 people this summer (the previous 2 summers gave me one romance each), I’ve had 2 same night lays, and at the time of writing there is a cute blonde whom I approached during the “day” on her way to my place to have a shower with me. This semester I had my first fuck-buddy and last month I closed a girl whom I'd mostly gamed through text. I am getting phone numbers left and right during the day, and I have re-discovered my undying love for coffee shops. I finally set things straight with an ex whom I used to feel had “wronged” me, and who herself still felt unnecessary guilt regarding mistakes she made by virtue of not being the infallible “angel” I had assumed mammals with such fortunate neotenic adaptations to be.
    During this epic roller-coaster ride I have been lucky enough to be accompanied by little voices in my head, the kind that schizophrenics worldwide can only envy. I refer to the magnetic roars of lions such as Jeremy Soul, Dubbsy, Nick Savoy, Sam Harris, Braddock, Calabrese, Daxx, Mystery, Christopher Hitchens, and last but not least, my own dad. I have finally learned how to admire this dignified old man because of something we often vaguely refer to as “getting” it. Life is not about rehashing the past, or playing it safe, or expecting the world to feed you happiness with a silver spoon. Life (in the present moment) is our only true possession. A man never knows the length of his own fuse. We just don’t get two of these, despite what some Shiva-fearing folk might opine.
    AFCs and KJs (read: sexually repressed males) around the world may be wondering whether or not three thousand dollars is too much money to pay for a 2 day course. Why not use that money to buy a nice car or fancy watch to obtain the same elevated social status? I invite moral equestrians to consider this: if a man is willing to spend that much money on something intangible, often against the advice of his friends and family, then what does that tell us about him? It sounds to me like he values himself over all things (as he should), and is aching to unleash his personality upon the world. The beauty of invisible capital, in the case of emotional education, is that nobody can steal it from you, spit on it, or scratch it up with a keychain (without forcefully opening your skull, that is). It is yours alone, and ages like wine. We have been trained to ignore and suppress our emotions the moment we began our “education”, and have been trained to believe that cognitive, language, and mathematical skills hold the key to happiness. However, it is emotions that drive people’s decisions. I learned this the hard way. In fact, I cannot think of anybody who has a better excuse to study pick-up than me, yet this should not discourage anyone in more “functional” circumstances. If you are reading this, chances are you seek permission to do what you were born to do. I hereby grant you such permission. Psychologists across the world, Dan Savage, even women themselves are begging you to step back into your “First Life” and fight the repressions and inhibitions of your culture’s infancy that have kept you on a leash all these years. Whose other permission slip do you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggieSmallz View Post
    This is an update: Above, you guys can see my story and how it began. I never kissed, or had a real kiss, before January. Finally, I lost my v-card:

    Lay Report – Biggie’s 1st Fuck-Close! Biggie’s V-Card Was Taken! I’m a V No More!

    I’m writing this in the style of Extramask’s LR as published on page 67 of The Game just because I thought it was pretty hilarious and was, like mine’s, a first report on getting laid and yet not being able to cum.

    Also, before I begin – I’ll briefly tell you that my story is somewhat unique in some ways, is definitely one that many can identify with. I am a 22-year old college student who’s very short. Literally, I am only 5’ tall and before January 2010 have never even kissed a girl. In fact, women were pretty much disgusted by me up until that point. I was introduced to the Game last summer after a friend handed me the book and took an actual Love Systems workshop in January. Since then, I’ve made out with literally more women than I can remember. The journey continues, and this is only the beginning. May my story inspire you all…

    The story…

    I had briefly met this tall blonde with huge breasts (HBDD) during finals week in May. She was studying with two of my friends and I had gone up to their study room to ask them to join me for a cigarette outside. I noticed her but didn’t say much (though was like “damn, she’s fucking fuckable as fuck” in my head.

    NEXT DAY, I’m at my friend’s dorm waiting for him to come outside and upon lighting our cigarettes I casually ask him who that blonde chick was.

    Biggie: yo dude, who was that cute blonde with huge tits you guys were studying with last night?
    Friend1: dude, she’s nobody man…
    Biggie: well, she’s hot and I want to try to hit that, if you don’t mind…
    Friend1: Biggie dude, not worth the try man – she’s a bitch, alright? Just don’t…you don’t have a shot with her dude – no offense, she’s only into tall guys…
    Biggie: why do you say this?
    Friend1: look dude…after you left the room last night she made a really fucked-up comment about you…about your height…and it pissed me off. She’s a bitch…w/e man, she’s not worth it bro
    Friend2: Yea Biggie, we’re sorry, but we both got pretty angry when she said that.
    Biggie: guys, don’t you know what this means? I bet you I can get her to become attracted to me…just give me 15 minutes with her alone…just 15 minutes is all I ask for.

    So that night in the library, Friend1 and 2 call me outside for a cig. They say they’re going to Starbucks but had left HBDD on a bench by herself; they winked at me, said good luck and off they went; Gotta love good friends. J

    I approach HBDD with a bit of animosity just because of the comments I had heard that she made about me… I decided “fuck it, this girl is going to get pwn3d and n3gg3d like there’s no tomorrow.”

    Biggie: hey, you must be HBDD, Friend1 & 2 told me you’d be here alone while they’re getting their coffee. What’s up, I’m Biggie
    HBDD: Oh hey…what’s up?

    We talk. I begin re-framing every piece of conversation she tries throwing. This girl brags a lot. But so do I. I owned every topic she started. Then I got into the height issue, indirectly…

    Biggie: you know, I love tall girls… in fact, I only date tall ones. They’re just so hot, it’s like I’m conquering an amazon. My last girlfriend was like you…except more feminine than you are…
    HBDD: well, I have a rather deeper than usual voice for a girl and I work out a lot so I’m fit…
    Biggie: no, look at you, omg! You have muscles! Haha, that’s kinda hot…but I’m not into guys…haha, kidding.
    HBDD: eh, so many guys are intimdated by my fitness, but w/e…I’m still girlie sometimes… (HER TRYING/BEGINNING TO QUALIFY HERSELF)…umm, would you like to come upstairs with me to get my stuff from the library…I want to go to the dorm and sleep – big final tomorrow (GOOD SIGN THAT SHE QUALIFIED AND BECAME COMFORTABLE-ENOUGH ROUND ME AFTER I DISARMED THE SHIT OUT OF HER)
    Biggie: yea, why not – nothing else to do… hey, you’re right though, you are girly but overly aggressive – lots of testostrone in you (I RUN FINGER-LENGTH ROUTINE)
    HBDD: I’m usually girly and cute! (QUALIFYING AGAIN)
    Biggie: not cute, I’d say that you’re more handsome if anything!

    She laughs. I joke about her looking better with glasses. As friends come back and we go back downstairs to meet she begins qualifying herself like crazy and asking them about how she looks. I clearly disarmed the hell out of her. I tooled her like crazy.
    I find out this chick is still in DC for classes and to do personal training (she’s a personal trainer – and a fitness freak. I add her on facebook, establish a day to meet up and we begin texting…all day. We plan to meet at her dorm and she says that she’s at the gym and will shower and then cook us dinner. In my head I’m like “fuck yes, I’M ABOUT TO FUCKING GET LAID, FUCK YEA!”

    All morning I spend time trimming so that she doesn’t get hairball in her throat during the blowjob process. Afterwards, I head over and read over some patterns and material that Quickkill had taught me. I mean, MM-style is good for disarming and attracting but I needed to be sexually threatening, dominant and persistent. I also needed to know seduction patterns.

    I make my way to Quickkill’s place in VA. I’m a nervous wreck. He hands me a deck of hand-writing analysis cards (which I knew she’d dig since she’s also a psych. Major). I’m sweating profusely like a pedophile in a school bus but Quick’s devilish charm and hypnosis calm me down.

    I make my way over to DC to her dorm. I’m peacocked a bit with a fitted pink dress shirt from Europe, a fo-hawk and bracelets. I make sure that I had gum in my mouth. I call her to have her come get me from outside and while I do that, I light a cigarette.

    What happens next is pretty important. She comes down and we hug and chit-chat while I smoke a cigarette. A group of popular and good-looking guys with their girls come out and all run and circle and surround me, pushing HBDD out of the circle.

    Popularkid1: Biggie – I was told what a fucking pimp you are – Friend 3 told me you fucked a married chick!
    Popularkid2: No, Friend3 said he made out with her and her husband came from behind
    Biggie: oh, YEA, we’ll talk about that later, haha (trying to act nonchalant)
    Popularkid3: dude, you look really nice – come out to Josephine’s with us tonight bro, come on!
    Biggie: eh, I’ll be promoting next semester, the club scene is beginning to bore me

    We finish, I go upstairs and she’s just looking at me probably wondering “how the fuck does this dude know all these people – and wow, he must be a fucking player”

    We’re upstairs at her place. It’s really nice. Her roomie isn’t there.

    We have a LITTLE to drink and take some Valium. She begins showing me her bikini collection. I tell her to change infront of me.

    I begin owning and re-framing and connecting with her world, just like I did with HBAngel from the week prior. I tell her “isn’t it interesting – I bet most guys are so intimidated by your height, aren’t they?” she agrees enthusiastically, and I then say “and I’m willing to bet you that most guys don’t realize that girls have it just as hard, if not harder, finding partners…not because you can’t but because you don’t want people to think you’re a slut and guys talk…”

    HBDD’s: wow, I didn’t think you’d know… most guys have no idea. And yet, you do, unlike other guys. No wonder you’re such a lady’s man…you’re so different

    She’s shocked that I know all this. That I am connecting with her. She begins breathing heavily after changing into a sexy outfit again. I mirror that (credit Quickkill). I then find and use trance words on her. Anchor the shit out of her trnace words and introduce enough state breaks to leave her wanting more.

    Biggie: you should try that on for me…right now…
    HBDDs: I’m not wearing any underwear…don’t look…
    Biggie (with a smile): oh, I might peak…

    She gets close after she wears it and we are on the bed together. We talk bullshit, psychology, bullshit, more psychology, friends, and finally sex. I get her to tell me about her all lesbian 3-way experience during camp. I then run the instantaneous-connection routine on her when the time was right (credit, Quickkill).

    I ask to smell her perfume (trigger word – thanks Braddock) since she told me she’s obsessed with scents. I begin kissing her neck. Then I move to her mouth. I lay her down, go down to the her chest and begin kissing in between her breasts. She’s loving it.

    I move down to her belly button, I kiss that, I move up to her lips, then back down and then I eat her out and make her cum. I’m thinking to myself “I THOUGHT PUSSY TASTED BAD…THIS ISN’T BAD AT ALL…WTF, THIS IS AWESOME”

    She cums. I get on top and kiss her. She says “we’re not fucking…” and I say “I know” while rubbing my cock against her clit” and then she says “don’t stick it in” and I Say “oh, I won’t” and stick it in anyways. I begin fucking her. She’s wet as fuck. I’m like “this is sex…wtf…it’s ok” I’m plowing away at her cunt and then I begin to suck on her big tits. I couldn’t CUM. WTF!

    WHY COULDN’T I CUM! I’m just pumping against her fucking wet cunt for a while yet I’m not even getting tha turned on. Jerking off feels better! I stop and tell her to blow me. She doesn’t want to. I’m thinking “umm, bitch, I just ate your cunt and fucked you” but said nothing since she was tired. I left her room for a cigarette and came back. She was in bed and I turned off the lights and we cuddled in bed. I told her “tomorrow, we’re fucking harder, and you’re going to blow my cock – ok?” She agreed.

    The next morning she did so. She gagged all over my cock. Deep-throated it. God, that felt so good. I Fucked her again and again, different positions. Still couldn’t cum. Then I lost my boner. WTF! I lost my fucking boner!

    She sucked my cock to get it up but it wouldn’t. She said “workshop’s closed” and got up. Then said “it must be my fault…” I said “no no, it’s probably the valium…”

    I fucking doubt it’s the valium. Wtf, why did that happen. I wasn’t nervous. I was fucking. Yet my cock wouldn’t get hard. I gave her another hickie (after she told me not to..but then said it felt good and turned her neck) and got hard again. It’s like…foreplay makes me hard…sexual talk makes me hard…but fucking, the ACTUAL PROCESS OF FUCKING doesn’t?? wtf?!?!

    I kiss her goodbye and head home. She said she wants to see me the next day because she wants me to teach her how to approach guys. I asked her if was her type. She said that not really but that I had filled her with lust. Therefore, I seduced her. And so it begins…I’m a man now.

    Thanks to all who helped me through this process. From the dudes over at Love Systems to Quickkill’s workshop, to the forum members and community itself which had it not been for you guys, I would not be anywhere near I am today. Thank you all.

    Hey dude, this was so impressive!!! I have decided to take a bootcamp in the next few months. How are you doing in 2012, 2 years down the line??


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