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  1. Playboy Mansion Advanced Bootcamp - July 2011

    Just got back from Playboy Mansion Bootcamp and am still in awe by all the information and infield experience! I was really looking forward to seeing Savoy teach, considering he only teaches twice a year. He lived up to any and all expectations one would have from a true master of the pua. The bootcamp was also jam packed with top instructors - Mr. M, Future, Sterling, Future, Braddock, Daxx, Pendrixx, All extremely helpful and understanding. Having that many top instructors was incredible. Each has unique game altered to their personality at the same time following the same lovesystems criteria. All topics were covered in greater depth and detail as a regular bootcamp. Sterling gave great lessons on Attraction and Qualification. Really elaborating and even updating the triad model as well as other facets of pick up. Really groundbreaking stuff. Left with great notes from him. Future was nothing short of amazing himself. He is an incredible teacher, and makes sure you understand everything. The entire bootcamp was geared towards gaming 10's (obviously) You can tell all these guys truly care about teaching and having their students succeed. Seeing these guys infield was nothing short of incredible itself. Nothing like seeing the game played right! Walked away with an experience of a lifetime and stories some people wont even believe!

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  3. Advanced Bootcamp - Kandyland 2012

    It was everything you heard and more ! The event delivered as promised - Fingerlicking hotties were everywhere for 3 days.

    We went through 2 days of coaching w/ Savoy and Future. 2 days of gold and I had several epiphany moments throughout the 2 days of seminar. I have taken a bootcamp in the past and this was a great build on top of it. Savoy covered several advanced topics around framing, threesomes, relationships etc.

    I wanted to get myself in front of the hottest women on the planet and Kandyland definitely proved to be the right place for that. I met several girls that worked for playboy, actresses, exotic dancers and other smoking regular girls from different colleges and other walks of life.

    The preparty - less tame than the other days(like a normal friday night lounge). It was at a great venue at the Roosevelt in Hollywood. Very chill - by the poolside. It was a great way to stretch our arms for the next night. I also actually met the girl I pulled at the Kandyland event at this preparty first.

    Kandyland party - Epic..... THOUSANDS of girls dressed in everything imaginable. Savoy said in my ear at one point - "Your probably not going to be in a place with the volume of 9's and 10's than this, take advantage of it" ... how true he was and take advantage of it I did. Several memorable moments/sets throughout the night and ended up pulling this girl back to my hotel that I talked to the night before. She essentially started to do these cold reads on me at one point in the mansion so I kicked it back and I appreciated her for showing me that she liked me for things beyond my looks *LOL*.

    Pool party - Great turnout there with a great sexual vibe.. plenty of girls from the night before. A few other LS instructors were around as well i.e. Darwin etc. Twas a fun afternoon.

    So all in all - it was an awesome experience from the instruction, instructors and the venues. Very happy I was able to make it out.

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