Hey everyone.

This is just a quick intro. Clearly we are all interested in women & I've always been somewhat interested in why people make choices, what motivates people, etc and it has ultimately led me here. I have always been alright around people but had a fair bit of approach anxiety. In the end I found Mystery's book and it was very interesting. I took alot from it but never really got deep into it due to study & work commitments. Then one day I was surfing the net after a long day and came across a video of Key's to the VIP with Cajun. Having seen both what he knew about & what he could do I wanted to know more. So I looked around, found this forum and here I am.

What drove me to finally post on here was last night. I have a little bit of oneitis and wanted to get past it. So I was out with a mixed group of friends (including the "one") and thought I might give some of this stuff a try. It worked ridiculously well haha kiss closed 3 within 10minutes of meeting each group. Was the best night I've had in a few months and that was motivation enough for me to say hi here.

This stuff has really taken me to another level with my social ability in every aspect even at my work with clients or potential clients. So basically this intro post is a bit of a thankyou post to everyone in the community for developing these theories on social behavior and a massive thanks for an awesome night & many more to come.

Game on!