I'm Different Like Thousands of Others

Hello mates!

Like many others who have recently discovered Pick-up, I discovered the community through the book "The Game." These "lovable nerds" cracking the secrets of a woman's heart (as well as layers of clothing) fascinated me-- I had been on my own road to self-experimentation and discovery in pickup for the last 2 years.

Originally I had started pickup with a mate who was interested in the same, but he lost his drive pretty early on. I continued it myself apprehensively, afraid that I would be busted and scorned by my peers when discovered what I was up to.

Seriously, damage to my reputation had terrified me.

You'd do the same if your golden status as a hardworking, upstanding, model citizen was put in jeopardy. Successful people do not like failing, and I considered myself successful. Successful people also had a plan and guidance, and I had neither in this pickup scene.

So how do you interact with people but not let anyone know you're interacting? You drive 50 miles until you have no idea where you are anymore. Then you find the nearest mall where you will never meet someone you know. And then, on your first day, you get AA (Approach Anxiety) and dawdle for 4 hours not talking to anyone before driving another 50 miles back.

At least the mall had amazing pretzels...

Since then, I've experimented with openers, hooks, take-aways, number-closing, and following up numerous times (although I had my own names for that terminology), with mixed results. I'm here today to trade knowledge with you-- the things I've learned in the field for the moves you've developed on our joint journey to PUA-dom.