Unique, perfect... and modest!

Hey guys, I only signed up an hour or so ago, have posted in a few interesting topics and figured I'd introduce myself!

I'm 23, live in Essex, England, am a single parent (the lil guy lives with me), I work as a Support Worker (previously worked in hairdressing and general management) and I'm what is generally considered to be 'alternative'...

I read "The Game" under a year ago, it has changed how I look at things, but to be honest, I was surpised how much 'natural game' I had that was just needed to be more focused!

I have been a 'oneitis' kind of guy since days where my virginity was still in tact... I think that was more directly linked to me feeling like I needed someone else to complete/compliment me - now however, I feel as though I have a lot to offer, but more importantly, I want to meet as many new people and learn as much about myself and others as possible!

My dress sense used to be grunge/goth etc since 15-20ish, since having my son almost 3 years ago I calmed down a bit, but now my dress sense can only be described as a 'OTT peacock'... I feel comfortable, but more importantly - it works!

I have a lot of tattoos, these are soooo important to me and are amazing tools for getting attention, controlling conversation, demonstrating value and due to me having 5 portraits of movie characters and musicians on my arms, they make for a good game where I'm able to neg, compliment and generally take control and generate interest!

I have got a bit too confident recently, but again, it works, so I'm going with it!

Last night, I had a group of girls come up to me (I generally don't approach, as I get more than enough attention from peacocking)... And within 10 minutes I had my friend gobsmacked at how much I was gettin away with - stupid things like rooting through the girls bags, the negs I was using, the fact that one girl had to reclaim her bag from my underwear after she stole my shoe (a boring white trainer) and he was also impressed that it was fairly clear how much at least one of the girls was into me and at how every aspect of the situation was under my control!

I guess my downside is that I rarely approach and I'm not hugely into getting much further than getting a phone number... Think of me as the same as a girl who gets all glammed up just to feel good about herself!

Not much else to say really (yeah, I realise I've gone on a fair amount, but hey - you're still reading!)...

I'm fairly eager to get more involved in this community, so feel free to drop me a message or post here... =)

All the best,

PinkHawk (not a name I use in the field)