New to the forum, here my story

Hello my name is michael. Currenlty live in portland oregon. Im pretty new to this kind of pua. My best friend got me into "the myster method" im only on chapter 5 and my reaction is WOW why didnt i do this back in high school. The purpose of doing this is i struggle alot to get a gf or get laid. In high school i didnt really have any gf because 1. my look 2. my look again"face".. I didnt have the confidence to go out and meet beatiful woman because i would always get turn down. I myself is not a good looking guy but i dont dress gothic my bad for the hate. I dress casual, guess, calvin klein,express men,affilction,ecko,artful dodger etc. My style is unique everyone has their own style. I did sports when i was in school so i was in shape. Oh i do tend to studder somtines. i usually have a excuse to make her laugh but most dont mind i do tho. It like i studder 247 i just have to speak slow and not speak fast hahaha..


The girls i do met describe me as funny, caring, loyal etc.. usually my friends hook me up or i would hang with my bro friends and they got girls in their group. It was not that hard to start a conversation but to flirt i did not know because no one taught me in person. I had dates to both of my proms. The first one was a thai girl that was in my class and we started talking because i was the only non white guy in the class. She was one tall asian girl too. oh and the people i hang out with are asians mostly cause i didnt really fit in with the other crowds. btw im hawaiian. My friends have been loyal to this day. I guess i do have a fetish for asian girls hahaha. Well i did mostly dated asian girls then other races. So basically my bro was bragging about how he got a date. Thinking to myself i gotta prove to them i can do better. Her friend was telling me she had no date "thai girl". I pretty much ask her straight up if she wanted to go and she said yes but as friends only. long story short it was not a good prom.. The second prom my friend hooked me up with this hot girl that look like a model from SI. I was so happy but i had to tell my other date i cant go with her but she was my bro friend so it didnt matter. She understand and said it was cool with it because she had to work that day. But outta nowhere my mom tells me what you dump your bro friend for prom and she told me your not going to prom. My whole world came crashing down. The hottest chick i seen is not my date. But my mom says ok you can go the next day but guess what my friend already taken my last date. Which pisses me off even more cause he gets to go out with the hot chick. Pretty much what happens was my friend hook me up with a date. She had no respect for me "hispanic girl" i dont not hate any race to make myself clear, i basically paid for everything dinner, tickets, limo ride with friends. I ask her to come dance and you know she said I CANT DANCE!!!! Basically this prom sucked too.

It was almost graduation i did not accomplish anything in my high school years except drink at 16 and thats about it. I did go clubbin at this 16over club. I was a natural at apporaching girls to dance and this was not no slow dance. This was freak dance"dry humping the shit outta her". My frineds would be like "yo how did u do that with her". I will admit i dance with some pretty fine ladies. But it seems i cant get a relationship or get laid. So i was doing somthing wrong.

I met this girl name kalong the hottest asian chick i ever went out with. Met her threw xanga in 2005. we keep on talking threw the year but havent met each other because she live helly far and i didnt have no car.. I se myself being active into meeting girls after high school. Here what i had to do to met her i had to bring a thirdwheel and yes i know but that was the only way i can met her and he had a car. I missed her bday and i told i would make it up. We pick her up and her friend. Wow her friend was clockblocking the shit outta me. The thirdwheel came into place and stop her whewww... Me and kalong talked all night she wanted me to buy her a lingere since i miss her bday party. So we go into victoria secrets, this was the first time i ever been in VS. Jezz things start getting better the sales woman was a hot a asian lady, she smile at me. I felt special two hot asian girls by me wow. We drop her off at her house. She told me we gotta hang out again your hilarious. Made me smile the whole night going back. One thing i regret doing leaving oregon too soon. I had to move to cali for school in one week. Kalong called and see if we wanted to hang out but i had to tell her i was moving to cali but i wanted to spend my last night with her. She felt sad and confuse. What end up happening she stop talking to me. I kinda figure it out that she didnt want to be to attact to me since i was leaving to cali. GOT DAMN MIKE HAD TO LEAVE THAT SOON COULD HAVE JUST WAITED TILL THE END OF SUMMER.

btw i was only 18 and did not know anything on pua.

My confidence level went downhill. I would just meet girls online, and try to find that one kalong look. But i ended up getting girls that got bfs, just plain werid ones,fakes,wannabes etc. Make a long story short Im 21 going on 22 soon and i still dont have a gf or got laid. Im at the point where i must be outgoing, fuck what others think of how i look. If i get denied screw it the whole ocean is out there. Reading the mystery method book make me think what i am doing in my life. Anyone reads this please give me feedback i will be around this forum for awhile. It has taught me alot. Currently going to clubs meeting ladies. 4th of july weekend coming up got alot of plans set up.. hopefully get my aa game on!!!