New, from Seattle

Hey guys,

Well, I guess I'll talk a little about myself. My name is Martin, I'm 22 and still a virgin (mostly by choice tho)

I'm originally from europe, and my languages are german and french, as well as english. This left me with an accent that gives a nice little edge in a bar setting

Concerning my history with girls, I used to be obese, shy, and depressed, thus not really into going to bars (or when I went I would get way too drunk) and therefore didn't have a lot of experience with social situations and found myself being awkward in them.
During that time, I got caught in the famous "one-itis" phase, and ended up being destroyed by that girl.
Now that I moved to the states (colorado first, now seattle), I changed radically. I took care of my self-image, lost 80lbs, changed my wardrobe, hairstyle, got rid of the geeky glasses and took care of my depression. I now look pretty good, tan, and stylish (according to girls) and also apparently smell good which I guess is good
My general body language and conversation skills are pretty good for not being a native english speaker, and as I said, the accent often helps me break the ice or just open a random conversation about travels..

I am now able to have a conversation with someone without getting a panic attack, and am working on a daily basis on breaking the AA that is still remaining.

Regarding why I am on this board: I still have a lot to learn and am spending quite a bit of time reading online, and books, about seduction and body language.
I'm in "the game" to find a LTR and find someone special (which I realise is probably not going to be in a bar or club setting), getting laid is not my primarely goal.

Wow, I didn't think I had so much to write about, so thank you for reading this and I look forward learning from all of you, and feel free to ask any questions!