I usually never do introductions, but I feel the need in this case. Maybe I'm just venting, but it doesn't matter cause I'm making you read it anyway.

I was the man in high school. Girls, Football, DJing, Church, Friends. I was so successful that I earned the nickname, "Captain Cupid". Eventually my luck ran out. My parents and I have clashing cultures and my senior year in high school I was kicked out of home. Living in my car and depressed I took it one day at a time. And my blessings disappeared one at a time. I lost my grades, my passion for music, love for football, motivation to keep friends. I just tried to get laid at parties and went back to my car to cry like a baby. I barely graduated.

I went into college as some tall, homeless, unusually handsome, but boring kid. I had long since lost my confidence with woman, people, myself, God..
Recently I stepped back into church, and decided I needed to do something with my life before I ended it. Suddenly, I met a millionaire music producer in LA who loved partying with me. So much, I was offered a job. I walked with more confidence and even made some bomb friends.

I'm slowly coming back to Earth, and signed up for this to complete my transformation.

I'm looking forward to the next year or two with you guys