Another fresh one

Hey, a new addition here.

I've read The Game and subsequently The Mystery Method back in the day, but didn't think it was real or particularly applicable to my situation so I kind of discarded it. Now I'm stuck in the middle of the worst one-itis imaginable and part out of desperation, part to keep my mind off of things I've exploring Magic Bullets and Carlos Xuma.

I have to say that Magic Bullets definitely reads like a much improved version of the original MM - focusing on important abstracts much more.

One of the biggest problems is I can't really internalize any material because I feel like these books aren't written for people in my position. I'm in college. The social situation here is much different than a bar - I don't feel like the example openers and whatnot were written with that sort of thing in mind and so the whole ordeal seems foreign to me.

I also don't feel like I can clearly figure out which stage on the emotional progression model I'm at. Like, at all.

All of which leads me to believe that these conjectures are too good to be true, but people stick around and I guess I will as well and see how it works out for me.

Mostly though I just want to put a bullet in my brain because of said one-itis. Worst feeling EVER.