The Last Straw from LA

Not going to lie, I'm posting here in a moment of weakness. I just fucked up with an ex. (Little background she is a 8-9 who was my boss at the time. Also 7 years older than me and I'm only 21. I really fell hard for this girl.) I read Mystery Method twice this past week and tool some extreme notes. I tried to use everything in the book on Negs, IODs, etc. on her to see if she would bite on anything and give me any IOIs. Long story short, she got under my skin. And I called her out for saying something mean to me instead of staying cool under pressure. I looked like a fool. My built up DHVs fell flat.

I'm done with that. I'm a competitor, and I don't want any woman to have any more real power over me again. Hence the introduction of the MM in my life.

The good news: the MM stuff I've tried on other woman has worked pretty well for what I've done so far. (meaning openers have gotten interest and Negs have made girls chase a little.)

Basically, I need to get over it with her before I can really continue on. MM plays to my strengths, but I can't really move on with my self esteem until I get closer on this part of my life. Wish me luck gentlemen. I'll be hitting you up soon for a Wing in all likelihood.