Overtly Outgoing Ottawa Obligator

We stood at the side of the movie theater, me awkwardly leaning against the cement wall while she stood in her cute little summer dress at the curb. She was gorgeous, I still couldn't believe she actually agreed to go to the next week's high school prom with me. The second she opened her mouth, I knew something was wrong. Like the flash of far-away lightning, the sad tilt of her eyebrows told me to brace myself for the crash. The inevitable 4 words that had haunted me for my entire adolesant life, the words every man rues to hear. - "Fenn, let's just be friends"


"Yeah, sure!" I said, the cheerfulness in my voice hiding my crushed self-esteem better than even I thought it could. I had liked this girl for the past 2 years, and used asking her to prom was my planned jump-off point to what I thought was going to be a successful and passion filled relationship.

When I saw her the next week locked at the lips to a guy who I barely saw her even talking to earlier, something died inside of me. This girl, the one person I thought I had ever loved - returned none of my feelings. I chased her for another year after that, refusing to admit to myself that her ship had sailed.

She was the one - I still know it. My one-itis vaccination.

After I managed to recover from my "illness", I discovered the community. I found a beat-up copy of "The Mystery Method" in a second hand bookstore, but was too embarrassed to buy it. I ordered it online instead, to avoid the awkward admittance to any human being of my own inadequacy. I stashed that book under my bed, reading it after work and living it on the weekend. didn't - and still haven't - let any of my friends or co-workers know I was doing this. Learning how to get with girls from books and over the internet? Of course not! I'd have to be a loser to do that ... right?

I got a haircut. I hit the gym. I started eating better.

I bought Magic Bullets, I watched in-field footage and read books on NLP and Speed Seduction. I started feeling the confidence I so often had to fake. Then one night in a crowded nightclub, I got it. The one thing I had been working towards for the last 6 months. The holy grail. My first cold-approach number close. I called her a week later, not because I was acting non-needy - but because I was downright scared. We went out twice. I noticed something different about those dates than any I had gone on before. I wasn't nervous. Why would I be nervous?

I was confident. I was in control.

We went out twice, I got bored and didn't call her again.

It's been another 6 months since that first "Pick-up" date. I'm a new man. was always outgoing, and a good conversationalist, but I was never very "Lucky" with women (Although I now know it has nothing to do with luck). My sticking points are wide, varied, and numerous - but I'm on the road now. Regular guys at parties are no longer a threat. Clubs still present a huge obstacle to me, but my failures are definitely softer and less numerous than they used to be.

I joined here because I've plateaued with what I can do alone. I need interactive feedback, a forum to share field reports and my own silly theories on what to do with girls. I tried a couple other free forums, but they are completely filled with dudes who are trying to be heroes to other guys. After lurking here for a while, I see the advantage of having such knowledgeable and (mostly) down to earth people around to help guide me.

Nice to meet you all.

Thanks for reading this novel of a post, can't wait to share (but mostly sponge off) ideas with you guys!