Attraction Forum.. Welcome your new Memeber from New Zealand... Nz Charms :)

Hey ya'll

Hi there this is Nz Charms age 20 from New Zealand

After Reading the Bible of.... the game ( I recomend to everyone ) It got me hooked to the world of PUA/attraction/seduction....

and I soo want to Improve on my self also, as talking to girls is alright for me, but getting them to the next level of being sexual with me, seems like the hardest obstacle for me (soon to change)... so can anyone recomend anything i can read, listen or watch to help me out, cause iam a sponge willing to absord anything and everything to help me... cause iam sick of being the let just be friend guy... It Would Be awsome if i could some help from you guys.... and on my journey to change myself

and maybe get to meet some of your guys or gals offline especially here in New Zealand to learn from them to get me to the next level

NZ Charms out!!!