Madk, the road to a PUA

Hello, fellow PUAs..

So I have indulged myself in the PUA arts for close to a month now, and yes it has literally been a eye opening experience, not just to meeting women, but everyday, its like now when I wake up in the morning im actually awake!

So heres a quick intro of myself,
Im 19, currently doing study a degree in Digital Film production, live in Sydney Aus. Ive participated in many sports, my longtime favourite is taekwondo, trecking at 7 years since I was 12 which has greatly risen my survivability factor, but not so much replication haha.

Ive been AFC for quite some time, ive had a girlfriend here and there, but srsly looking back that was out of sheer fukn luck and probably rate them as a HB8....but I still didn't have a decent knowledge or concept of social interactions with girls, and was still socially awkward.

Around the age of 18, I started to become really fustrated, having no girls at the time, while many others had their sex stories and renacted fantasies with their loved ones, which left me pissed off, and fustrated "What the fuck was wrong with me?"

Then, one day at work, a work collegue introduced me to the Mystery Method.. Firstly I thought WTF, no wayy this is NOT me, then I began to read, study and understand, from the game to the method, to NLP, art of seduction etc and finally to the community.

I would to say, that this has been the most exciting and inviting month of my whole past two years, and am honoured to have joined the community to share, inspire and be inspired by fellow PUAS.

Kind Regards.
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