Boise PUA who forgot his original Handle

Hello children, I've been into the game and sarging for the past 4-5 years. I used the forums a lot during my first six months but really haven't used this thing in forever, which explains how i forgot all my login/pw and email shit. I actually decided to start using this again after a friend of mine moved back into town and asked me if i had ever read the game. to which I laughed and said "think about the way i am with girls."Needless to say i've read that and a whole lot more especially in NLP. i don't just use NLP for chicks i actually find it kind of evil and i've used some forbidden stuff that got me in loads of trouble back in highschool because of the way the girls would get so damn obsesive back then. I use NLP on basically anyone who has something i desire after finding out about darron brown and watching some of his videos one of my favorite things to do at parties is try to collect every peice of jewelry off of every girl there and then wait till they are forced to come back to me to get their shit back, good way to number close i think. but recently i've learned my lesson and i refuse to shit where i eat, which sucks when all you do is go to college and party. (just a few more months til i can hit the bars) I love using the game in all parts if life. I worked sales for a bank for a long time and the game even helped me out with that. it helped me land my first "Dream Girl" and stay with her for 2 years and many other chickas before and after that. I pride myself on never ever lowering my standards when it comes to the attractiveness of girls. the problem with that and the reason why i'm on here is because i'm having the hardest time trying to find a chick who is attractive and intelligent. That i think is due to two things
1. Just about every guy I hangout with is either a PUA or a natural who knows about PUA shit so we compete like theres no tomorrow for the best HB. And for some reason not one of these bastards is willing to Wing its always every guy for himself.
2. I have run out of new targets in places that wouldn't be considered shitting where i eat. whether it be because i've already hit the girl or because the girls are just too stupid for me to even be willing to take home. shittier thing about it is that I have no transportation besides my legs (medical/legal reasons).
So i'm looking for some local PUA's who would be willing to take me to some new parties i will of course take you in return and also someone who is willing to wing. i'm really sick of trying to out AMOG other PUA's who are decent at doing it themselves.