HAC intro

Hey guys!

a) I am an aspiring FPUA, looking to help guys out with the Game + improve my skills gaming social circles.

b) dealing with social anxiety. UGH. 2 give you an idea:

Although I am a HAC [Hot Asian Chick] & an HB9, in real life I am a shy, reserved, socially awkward/nerdy girl, who is able to successfully manifest IOIís only @ ~10-12% incidence rate in new social settings. Guys hit on me all the time, but I am pretty picky & have a 95% rejection margin. I fail to IOI properly & usually end up IODing the guys I like. I have been known to go abstinent for > 12 months straight & be fine with it.

b) The city i currently reside in is Baltimore, MD, USA.
c) Gaming actively for ~1,5 months (since April 2009).
d) Got interested in Game ~ 2 years ago when VH1 show came out.
e) Theory-proficient. Looking to start a business as a Dating Coach.

Thank you for all of your support and amazing posts!!!