Soon to be Confident guy from Oz :)

Hey guys

like alot of people here i got introduced to the game by a mate who lent me the book by neil strauss...all i can say is wow! not just from the techniques used but by the way he wrote the book and i never thought there was an actual society of people who sarge nightclubs in packs learning from each other!

ive always wanted to be more confident and after reading the book i decided to make a change...not just with women but with life and business.

so here i am on the forums. i have scoured through many posts reading different stories and threads and it really interests me and i can see the game being a fun social subject to study.

a little bit about my past...
i consider myself a good looking guy, i have a great friendly and naturally funny personality, im outgoing. Im not a shy person to most people but i am terrified of approaching hot girls i do not know...the reason for this is a tend to put the above HB5's on a most guys do! I dont have a problem approaching women who are below HB5 (is this because i subconsciously consider myself their male HB5 equal?) well...that has changed after i realised that i am worthy of whomever i choose and no ones gonna tell me otherwise, im young, i run my own graphic design business, im spontaneous..what more would these women want!

I lost my virginity when i was 15 and growing up i never had a problem with girls...i had many girlfriends up to the age of 20 where then i went into a fairly serious 1.5 year relationship with a girl who was 27 with a 5 year old boy. We started to fight and we broke up and it crushed me...i guess it was my first adult serious relationship (living together and looking after her kid etc)...since then i have found i havent had the skills with the girls as i thought i once did as a teen (i am now 25).

to conclude, im here to make a change and get my game in order. im sure you have enjoyed the little read about me and who knows maybe one day we will go sarging together!