Hi from NW England.. I'm back

Been a member for a while but not posted anything much.

A little backstory, ok... I'm 27 years old, I'm half chinese half british. I've been interested in seduction for a few years now ever since I started to look up hypnosis on the internet at the end of 2004 and stumbled on the seduction community by accident. As soon as I found out there was a whole world of guys who found seduction interesting my ambitions began to change. I studied seduction you know, the acronyms, the newbie stuff, rules of how not to supplicate and rules about how to be dominant and stuff.
I sat back and watched how the whole community went through a phase of becoming commercial eg. The Game by Neil Strauss. I never wanted to be a part of it in the sense that I had other things to concentrate on. I found out a few things about my mental health and then never thought I would do well in seduction.
In 2006 I moved to Malaysia to try my efforts with life in my father's home country. After 6 months I ended up with a woman who is an author and fashion designer in that country. She was muslim and she was married twice before. Even more confusing for me was that she wanted me to convert (something I realise I wasn't ready to do) and marry her (something that I've never wanted from a woman).
I moved back to the UK to escape gently, I said I would go back to college and get my BA degree in photography (which I wanted at the time but not doing well with the course at the moment, too much partying) and then obviously she had to stay where her business was. The relationship broke down (some things I regret) and we eventually decided to move on.
Now I'm single, a college bum with no money and listening to free seduction advice on podcasts. I just purchased two books (in physical form) which are The Mystery Method, and a signed copy of The Natural Art of Seduction by Richard La Ruina AKA Gambler (from UK).
I plan on learning more about seduction and pick up but hoping to find advise on the practical side rather than boring over internal game (which I've been working on for the last few years), products (which I don't plan on buying as I've read enough material online), and concentrate on what I love, photography.
So basically I want to improve my game but at the same time not let go of what is important to me in life. It goes to say that PU can't be everything you live and breathe for unless its your career, and even then I'm sure you want to concentrate on other things in life sometimes. Afterall how are you supposed to be high value if the only thing you know is seduction? People live lives.
By now you've probably realised I'm quite down to Earth. Sobering.

Anyway, "Hi guys" again..
Hope to be of some use to you and hope I can fit in.