Hey from the North Bay!

Hey fellas,

I've been reading heavily from this board for about a month now and, while there's certainly is a lot to take it, after trying out a few things I've picked up from here I'm happy with where this can be headed.

A little bit about myself. I'm a white (Italian/German), 26 year-old working part-time, have an Associates degree from a junior college, and live an hour north of San Francisco (anyone in the area for winging?). I don't feel that my problem is talking to women, rather it is just talking to people in general. I tend to talk too fast when excited or nervous and know my typical body language and appearance/attire needs some work, but I am aware of these issues and am working on them. I don't drink, so I don't frequent bars or clubs, so although now I obviously have reasons to go there, it's just not natural yet and I think I should start with day game first if I can get through AA and find a good social place in my small town. With family and an ex-Marine boss, negging (see: insulting others for my personal amusement) is no problem, but now I see that I can take this too far and need to learn how to tone it down because if I'm not watching for it I'll really pick someone apart. I've been told repeatedly that it's funny, but not if the other person can't defend themselves. Basically all of my good friends from high school and such and even work now are in LTR, some with kids, so I'm having some trouble finding people for familiar winging/social proof reasons to get started.

Anyway, I'm just saying, "Yo." I'll be visiting a friend for a few days in Hollywood next week and would like to know if there are any good spots to hit up in that area. I'll post another topic about that in the appropriate section and I'll also get a picture up hopefully tomorrow of myself and what I wear when I go out sarging for your critiques, but I'm thinking being far from home will help me work on my AA. Well, that and the fact that Asian girls get extra points in my book.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!