Hello from Milan

Hello everybody,

First off all I'd like to express how happy I feel that there's such a place as the attraction forums. I truly believe that sharing experiences and information is the right way to become a master in the game.

About me.. well I am probably as what you guys would call me - an AFC. Hehe hopefully I'll change this. My interest in the game arrised after I read "The game" by Neil Strauss. The second book I read was the "Venusian arts book" by Mystery.

If I have to be honest right now I am pretty overwhelmed with information, especially after I joined the forum. So I think I'll just start by learning the basics and then trying to apply them in the field.

After a small research I came up with a list of books I think I should read before I start building my unique game:

1.Venusian Arts book
2.Carlus Xuma - Secrets of the alpha male
3.The art of approaching by thundercat
4. D.DeAngelo - Deep inner game
5.D.D. - Advanced series
6.D.D. - Cocky comedy
7.David Shades - Masterful Lover foundations

I'd like to hear your opinion on those books and which ones you think I should start with and which ones I should leave for after?

I'm looking forward for this this thing!

Thank you very much!

I live in Milan Italy, if there's someone looking for a newbie wing who learns quickly, please PM me!
I am NOT an italian.