Hi, I'm Dwayne Elric. I wouldn't call myself a natural (I'm not all that good-looking) and I'm not yet a PUA (I haven't really put much thought into technique until very recently) but what I lack in looks and skills I have made up for in persistence and not having extremely high standards (6+, maybe). From middle-school on I was too hormonal NOT to talk to every moderately-attractive girl who crossed my path.

In high school I was a nerd who also happened to be a decent tenor. While most of my friends were from the nerd group, I met tons of girls in choir. The result was that while I was having the time of my life, my friends were all either not dating at all or dating women who were just plain awful for them.

After one of my friends, who I've known since I was seven, nearly committed suicide over a breakup with a girl who he had dated off and on for three years, I decided I needed to help him out. Now in college, I started taking him to bars and trying to set him up with chicks. By then I was on my fourth and hottest long-term girlfriend (now my fiance) so I had no problem letting him take all the action. I won't claim he succeeded much due to my efforts, but it did get me thinking about what I was doing that he wasn't and I started working on new ideas for my game.

By chance, I picked up a copy of The Game when I read about it in another book, Emergency: This Book will save your life.. It turns out that my ideas weren't too far off from what that book describes, although Style's game makes mine look like I was just running around aimlessly.

In any case, my relationship is an open relationship, so I'm still on the prowl and still looking to learn and pass on my new knowledge to friends.