Hi, I'm EyeCrush... and I'm polytalented.

Hi, I'm EyeCrush... and I'm polytalented.

Discuss Hi, I'm EyeCrush... and I'm polytalented. at the Introductions within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Hi, I'm EyeCrush... and I'm polytalented. I'm looking for possible wings in the Fresno 559 ...

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    Hi, I'm EyeCrush... and I'm polytalented.

    I'm looking for possible wings in the Fresno 559 area here in Cali. I'm planning to make the Los Angeles move when I have the finances to support it. I have a job and a game plan to make this happen. I am a doer. I play guitar, piano, I sing, and practice martial arts. I'll be 25 this July. I read a lot and am in reality bigger than the biggest of all dorks ever. I got into the game by studying neuro-linguistic programming because I have been obsessed with words and language all my life. I have studied Chinese and ancient scripts including Greek and Hebrew (I'm good at memorizing alphabets). It's my dream to become a polyglot so I can travel Europe and game in French, German, and Italian. I speak Spanish and have found myself a more successful gamer and especially seducer in that tongue. Like I said, I read a lot I actually study physics and my biggest dream is to become a legitimate mathematician. All my friends and family however probably think in the back of their minds that I'm going to become a rockstar of some sort because I am a pretty good musician and it's really only a question of being in the right place to find the right people to collaborate with (namely Los Angeles).

    I'm actually really interested in the linguistics of seduction.. always have been always will be. I've been trying to crack this code my whole life so in November of 2008, when I read the Mystery Method, I had something of a spiritual epiphany (as I sometimes have in my life)... I laughed, I cried... "HE DID IT" I said outloud. Thank you Mystery. This is my thank you to you man. If you're reading this dude: THANK YOU. Got it? Okay good. I remember thinking "what luck?!" lol... to live in this time, where all knowledge is being compressed and brought together from all parts of the world to solve all mysteries... how appropriate a title the man gave himself I thought. Here I was studying all the esoteric mysteries of humanity and finally I discovered the rosetta stone of seduction. Once the concepts were ingrained in my brain I felt a new power taking hold of my mind... Those posts I read of so-called naturals attempting to discourage the perceived "abby normals" are only accentuating their own insecurities. The open-hearted, the one who shares knowledge, compares notes, he's the one who grows. When I find beauty I can't help but become fascinated (as I'm sure many of us are).. I find it in nature, I find it in martial arts (kinesthetic movement is beautiful to me), and now I've found it in pickup. I've been philosophizing on pickup by myself for the past six months. This ends here. That's why I'm here.

    Pickup to me is a component of the language organ of our brain. It's like seeing birds mate... I was watching the Discovery Channel a while back and they showed this beautiful black bird dancing in front of the female... The male had just a dash of blue below his beak.. and he would move his head from side to side: looking to the left, up and then to the right, and back and forth like an upside-down pendulum, etc.. and he would hop closer and closer to the female in a hypnotically rhythmic dance with his wings fully extended.. yet as he came closer he began to encircle the female with his wings until finally they clasped and embraced tightly for only a moment... This is organic. It is natural. This is pickup. It is a cognitive faculty of the mind that must be developed and solidified if a male hopes to have a proper breeding advantage. As simple as that. Creating pickup and seduction meta-models is the future of evolution. This isn't just about picking up beautiful women (don't think that means I'm all into power or anything.. you just have to understand what we're facing as a species here, namely: our survival), it's more than that... it's about understanding social dynamics to an extant that we can use this knowledge to create some harmony out of the dissonance that is our broken society. Call me a humanitarian if you'd like... but I just think it's that important. Those who master the pickup arts have the greatest power in this world and will have most influence over our future... whether they realize it or not.

    I got my heart crushed with one-itis about three years ago and since then I've wondered if I'm going to get lost in a world of faceless pussy.. I'm still trying to figure out if I really ever want to consider a single commitment or really go ballz-out harrem management... HM btw has been on my mind my whole life.. so the concept is definitely in my head.. Anyway ya I'm studying all of it: Mystery, Style, Jeffries, etc etc... Steve P sounds interesting... I'm still reading Neil and that's the funny part it's like I'm playing catchup with everything.. I just started Frogs Into Princes today... I was actually reading Structure of Magic (Bandler & Grinder) before I ever even heard of The Game... I read too much people tell me... I'd go into my experiences but better that just come out in my field reports... I went through some old posts I wrote a while back and found the part that best described my first results using the powerful knowledge of pickup techniques:

    "My life was changed forever. I devoured the 200 page book in two nights. I couldn't put it down... I started having all kinds of emotional responses as I read it. I laughed. I cried. I would read a single sentence over and over like it was scripture until I internalized it. During this time I was already planning on breaking up with my girlfriend I just didn't know how to tell her... once I finished the book, I took care of it and made myself clear while trying to be as gentle as possible. It was tough. It sucked. But I knew what I had to do. I couldn't stay with her... not with this volatile knowledge. It was too late. She deserved somebody else. Somebody who wasn't going to become whatever it is I'm becoming..... HELP.

    That same weekend I was invited by my friend to a birthday party out in the country here in the valley. It was a bonfire party... they had two big ones blazing about thirty meters from each other. As soon as I showed up I knew what I had to do. That night was my first experiment as a PUA. How would I fare? Did I have what it took? There was only one way to find out. I looked for the easiest set to open... the dancier the girls, at least at this party, the easier it seemed to talk to them. I moved in quick to a three-set all female group laughing and dancing near the fire... I opened the set with some real bullshit... I had been reading a lot about magic at the time as it was... not Mystery's brand of illusionism.. I remind you I studied under a shaman in Mexico and unlike Mystery I DO believe in the supernatural and I've had the experiences to solidify this belief... what it means in how I conduct my life would probably surprise most people. Anyway, I opened the set with "Do you guys believe in magic?" Where the fuck I was going with it I had no idea but I just bullshitted whatever came across my mind. I finished the book and tried to get as much in my head as I could but remember it wasn't even a week yet since I finished it... so all I was really focused on was OPENING the set and trying to keep their attention and have a good time... I was working on tone, personality, expression, being alpha, and a few other things.. negging and qualifying and all that stuff wasn't even on the menu.. these girls were WAY too young... it was a high school crowd mostly so to be honest there weren't many good targets.

    So I kept this girls attention for about a minute but when she realized I wasn't really attracted to her anyway she had to protect her ego and go back to her friends so I was like fuck it see you later... I moved to the next three-set, all female.. HOOK! I got accepted this time.. five minutes passed and people started looking over at me... staring. My AFC buddy was kickin it with the one guy he knew at the party while I was trying my best to keep the three-set's interest. As I was gaming the set I could feel the electromagnetic vibes (an accentuated sense I have developed since my hospital experience, this is not a joke like in the PUA books, that really fucking happened to me man) the vibes changed so dramatically.. I could feel it going through my body, with each word with each IOI, with each new eye that started looking over at me. Can anybody say social proof? Yup guess what happened? The two cutest chicks there were the birthday girl and her sister... So birthday girl sees mister hott shit talking to these three girls instead of her... I don't need to say hi or anything. Why? Because she's right behind me already... O hi there sweet stuff why you hiding back there? She probably wanted to grab my ass ;] lol...

    She introduces herself I tell er what up but ignored her like a good PUA... Little did I know her husband was already cursing my fucking name. Everybody was watching. I fucked up super bad with her SUPER HOTT sister who claimed to be a lesbian.. right lol... sure babe tonight if you want to be but your proximity is betraying your words. Anyway I fucked up really bad... in an attempt to be talkative, which was the real skillset I was developing that night, I said something I shouldn't have... plus I was a little hi from smoking some pot so maybe my subconscious jus got the better of me but when I heard somebody say that her sister was married I mumbled in front of her, "that's how it always starts." and then a second later I looked at her and she gave me this look and I was like FUCK! "did I jus say that outloud?" So lesson learned there... but she still wanted it cuz her body language was telling me from her proximity.. I started telling my buddy (who she was cool with, cuz he's "nice-guy friendly", at least then, he's in training and doing a lot better now that Im basically teaching the guy) I told em about my cool lesbian friend with the cool mohawk... when I started saying all this (DHVing) I saw her head perk up.. if she hates me b/c of what I sed about her sis, oh well... but better she feel that then nothing... if I ever see that again it shall be gamed properly! lol...

    Anyway, the only good two targets that I might've been interested in that night jus wasn't going to happen... so I opened some more sets with bullshit and eventually it felt like I was speed dating... there was a kodak moment and it jus so happened I brought a camera.. I snapped some pictures of drunken teenage girls posing for me... that's when shit really started to get tense... everybody wanted to take a picture with me all of a sudden. Girls started coming straight up to me... qualifying themselves to me in seconds. I was speed dating... it was fucking intense.. even the girls that first shut me out in the beginning found themselves qualifying themselves to me and trying to be cool all of a sudden (because I became the center of all coolness, lol)... I met like four ashleys, three michelle's, some marissas, marias.. at least a dozen girls... of course birthday girl couldn't let them have all the fun with mister cool photographer (which is what my buddy told her husband I was to save my ass).. we snap a few photos together, she was so cute... but I was already experiencing the stress of possible challenges coming from the side-lines from some AMOG like her husband... it was time to leave. I didn't get any numbers... those girls were really way too young. But the experience changed me completely. I was a believer. Mystery was right... you just need some balls and change your behavior until it feels more uncomfortable to you to not open a set than to open it."

    559 FRESNO, CA... HIT ME UP. I NEED A GOOD WING. I am willing to learn, willing to teach (the very, very little that I know). I am still a very very AMATEUR pickup artist... I am a very fast learner and if anyone is willing to show me the ropes I would be much obliged. Thanks.

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