My Life Story - Southern Swedish PUA prospect

Hi Guys (and girls?),

As I'm gearing up for my 25th b-day next week I feel it's time to tell my story!

It has been about a month since my eyes were opened to this amazing community of people figuring out how to be great with women.

As with so many other newbies, it began with a friend and colleague of mine convincing me to read The Game. I had heard about this book before, but for some stupid reason never gotten a hold of it. I spent a week or so, walking around town for a few hours a day, listening to it as audio book on the MP3-player in my cell phone, and I was just blown away.

Eventhough I will have to rate myself as being AFC, I think I have always been better with women than most of my friends, and than most of the guys whose posts I’m reading in the Newbie section. I am a talkative, intelligent person who is always considered a fun and social guy, and who often is the natural center of the party. My primary problem is getting that final spark of attraction going, the one that gets really hot and independent women fall for you. Realizing this has been a HUGE step for me, meaning that now I can work on it.

Born and raised in the town of Malmö, southern Sweden, population close to 300k which makes it Sweden’s third most populated city. Malmö is probably most known as being the town with the Öresund bridge to Copenhagen.I got somewhat of a late start, being extremely shy with girls and with my first real kiss happening the year I was turning 15, about the same time as I started online “dating”. This eventually lead to my first actual GF, and me losing my virginity, all within a few months, then I got dumped and devastated. It took me a few months before I got back on my feet and started meeting girls again. I ended up making out with a few of them, drunk at parties etc, but not much more than that.

A half year later (I was 16 at this time) I met what I “knew” was the love of my life, a beautiful, short blonde with really nice curves (for her age).We hooked up through the Internet, and when I first met her I actually managed to gather the courage to ask her to kiss me, using a PUA-sounding line without being aware of it I asked her if she wanted anything to eat. She said no. I asked her if she wanted something to drink. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to kiss me. She said yes, and this was the beginning of nearly 6 years of wonderful and horrible relationship…

Of course the first two years or so were wonderful. Because we lived in different cities, we only met at weekends which always made it special. The fact that we had no interests whatsoever in common didn’t seem as a problem, because all we would do was to make out, have sex and occasionally watch a movie. After a while I started to question whether I was on the right path, and began realizing I was missing out on some of the good parts of youth. Still to this day I remember being in the car with a friend of mine and his dad, who said “You have to end that relationship… you’re missing out!”. This advice stuck to me, but at the time, I didn’t have a thought about ending my relationship. I was still head over heels, and we were beginning to grow our own infamous bubble of neediness as well as getting fatter and fatter.

After about three years I remember I was pretty much ready to break up with her, but the feeling of needyness stopped me. “I will never find another girl, and we are pretty good off anyways”. I really did love her, but I was not very attracted to her anymore and there wasn’t even a trace of passion left in our relationship. I liked the feeling that I was the only guy she’d ever slept with, and the fact that she would never cheat on me and I therefore had total faith in her. By this time I was weighing in at over 100 kilos, which for my 177 centimeters obviously was on the verge to obesity. I decided I needed to do something about my weight, and about my life and started a long run of diets and thinking about everything I ate.

One year later I had lost 15-20 kilos of weight and finally had the guts to pull the plug on our relationship. I was however a pussy and told her that “we need to take a break”, which she thought was what was going to happen. One day later I slept with another girl, and man did it feel good! So good in fact, that I fell in love right away again. Luckily, this girl didn’t return these feelings and I ended up heartbroken and confused, which took me a couple of months to figure out. Then came my next mistake. I met another girl, who I really liked and I figured that since we like the same music, we must be a perfect match. I also liked the fact that she was totally in to me, and because she was so insecure, that I could shape her in which ever way I wanted. Her lack of independency in the end turned out being one of the primary reasons to why I dumped her, shortly after I turned 23.

When I turned 23 I had my “30 year crisis”. I realised my life was passing me by and that I had missed out on pretty much the whole ritual of casual sex with young, beautiful women. It was time to change things around and begin living the life I really wanted instead of dreaming about it. I started hooking up with every possible girl I could find online (well I kind of still do, only now with more skill ) and I actually have had some nice success even without knowing about “the game”. Once I have convinced them to meet me one on one and gotten them to my apartment, I have a natural way with women, consider myself a good kisser, and a very good lover. Cocky comedy is a natural part of my way of communicating but I am the typical “nice guy” so all of the girls I got to sleep with were pretty much unsecure ones without very much experience. Nevertheless, I have had a pretty good scoring percentage with some nice attractive girls, up to HB9, and some that were not so nice… HB 3 is probably my worst

After I turned 23 I also began going out to clubs and partying as often as I could. All I wanted was basically to meet and to sleep around with as many (decent looking) women as possible, to figure out my tastes. To this day, I haven’t had a sober weekend in two years and I have only stayed sober one day of the weekend once, possibly twice! I considered getting wasted the ultimate solution to getting rid of my AA and getting girls, which obviously is NOT the case. On the well over 200 times I have gone out to clubs over these past two years (drinking an average of 15 beers a night…), I think I have managed to take maybe 4-5 girls home with me (not counting ones I already knew etc). The sad thing is this lasted up until only a few weeks ago… just imagining how much money I’ve spent on booze over these two years makes me kind of sick, even though I have always considered this “learning money” and “investing in memories for the future”… oh well… The last 6 months or so I actually began looking for a girl to get into a serious relationship with again. I really miss some of the small but sweet parts of having that particular someone… having breakfast together, travelling together, the kind of sex you have when you really feel connected to someone… OK this is starting to sound like a Personal ad

Back to the present. After I finished reading The Game I decided to begin a new life again, and stepping into the path of becoming a PUA. So far I have viewed the Annihilation Method DVD’s, about Half of David DeAngelos stuff, both seasons of “The Pickup Artis”, and have just begun watching some stuff from RSD. I really feel I am learning fast and that I am “getting it”. I am so incredibly eager to learn all about this stuff, and actually wish I could take a year off from work just to study. Just these past 3 weekends I’ve had more interactions with women at clubs and bars, than normally I would have in a entire year.

I have a friend who is my loyal wing and who also has committed to this way of life, which makes it even more fun!

Looking forward to talking to all of you, and maybe even being able to get to know some of you in person!