My journey begins...

Well, what can I say!

I have just finished watching the second season of the pickup artist (preferred the 1st though) yesterday and I have decided that it is time for me to start taking my game to a new level.

I am reading 'The Game" now before looking at some of the other Lovesystems stuff, and what has struck me is that some things mentioned were things that I thought that I had created, and I even wanted to share them, as a pamphlet to less successful guys, not realising that this thing is so big and that it has and is still being FULLY researched!

Back to work on Monday so I am cramming info into my head. Fortunately, I am not a novice, and I often have 7's and 8's. I work in retail so I have been quite successful in just getting women that I have worked with over the years. A failing that I have identified in myself though, is that I never felt worthy to keep them after the chase! What an idiot i've been!

A good thing for me though is that I can test my progression monthly, I know that you guys are out terrorising everynight, but I am not really a clubber. My workplace has a drinks night in a club every month and two big ones twice a year, and trust me there are some top women in my company! Were full of all that East European stock! It will be a lot easier to open sets as we all do the same thing.

Sorry to go on, just excited to start the journey! Look forward to talking to you guys around the forum.