Hello from my Grandma's basement!

Hey guys
I actually don't live in my Grandmas basement, it was a joke. I live in my parents basement. I have been sarging for a while now, workin on that whole getting pussy thing. Why did I decide to finally join the "community?" Well it all started one day here in the Basement, after I suddenly lost interest in porn. I wanted the real thing,not in pixels, not on a screen. The REAL thing--PUSSY. I kinda stumbled upon the "community", similar to the way I discovered masturbation, the Internet of course. I started reading about it and I got intellectual hardon. I became hooked on the material. I would even use it on my guy friends (I'M NOT GAY). Guys are just ugly girls, right. To make a long story short, I'm now here on the forums. Canning more material. Hope to learn something new every login.