I am Nurms. I am a recent college graduate in the Dallas, TX area. My situation with women has always been strange.

To provide some context, I have never been in a relationship in my life. I have had prospects, but there always ends up being something major early on that gets in the way. Most often, it is a lingering ex-boyfriend that gets her back.

I would definitely describe myself as an AFC, with a particular emphasis on frustrated. I am frustrated by the fact that the only girls who give me any IOIs are unattractive. I am frustrated when I talk to attractive girls who say "I totally used to have a crush on you". I am frustrated when I see the same girls every day at a coffee shop or book store but cannot think of anything to say to them. Though I may sound like I am angry, I am usually very even-tempered, humorous, and laid back.

I hope that I can find some techniques in the forum to broaden my experiences, and share those with everyone so that people in my position can grow and improve themselves.