The Quebecker

Hello Guys

I'm a guy from Quebec/Canada. I have an look of an average guy, I hope

I still say that I'm 3 years late, I started to be interested in the reality of a boy's life too late(i were a nerdz ). I had my first at 20 years old, It was time . She was a pretty nice girl. Some guy were trying to get her, but she was in love with me. It was excellant for my selfconfidence. I were the man!! She was a barmaid. She scare me when she seriously talk about house(long long term realationship). OHHh!! i told her I have to find out what is around. Do you now what I did? Many onenight stand, some of then wanted more but they weren't what I'm looking for...

Why do we still trying to find what we already had?(looking for a girls like we had on our best time) Are we so affraid of trying something else? Oneitis?

I still have some hesitation for the aproach in club game than Day game. I like more day game because you always have something to talk about.

I already tried some Opener from the Routine manual, they are amazing, girl want to talk more and more about it. But in my head I now it's not me... After telling story more than 10 time, is ti become a part of your life ( you are able to lie to you)?

each time a went out, I try to explain why it goes well or bad with the MM method.

So it's me, and now I'm here to improve my skill and get a better life