Hey guys, just figured I would introduce myself.

I'm Professor Don Juan - ok, it's obviously not my real name, but for my internet purposes, it will suffice.

I've been picking up women since before it was cool (well, I guess picking up women has always been cool, but you know what I mean). I'm here to both share what I've learned over the years, and to learn more about the PUA culture.

While seduction has always been a hobby of mine, I've only recently started a more theoretical study of pick up techniques. I came up in the school of hard knocks: I tried many things, and was rejected many times (sometimes brutally). I kept what worked, and I got rid of what didn't.

After learning about the PUA community through The Game and The Mystery Method, I became hooked on reading seduction literature. A lot of the techniques I read about, I had used before, but I had discovered them using my own devices.

Overall, while I've found much of what I've read to be impressive, I find that much of it is over-intellectualized, and made to be more complicated than it should be. I feel the PUA community is in need of a paradigm shift.

I've set up a blog, Chump School where I hope to both document what I'm learning from the community, and contribute my own methods and philosophies. It's not exclusively a seduction blog, and I'll be discussing, along with my colleague Dr. Casanova, other issues relevant to men as well.

Enough about me though. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and techniques with the members of this forum! Thanks for having me.