Im taking the KJ challenge, this is my intro

I am a self diagnosed KJ. I spend more time studying theory and making posts than I do approaching women I don't know. It's suppose to be 4:1 field to theory/posts and for me it's like 1:4. It's been that way for a long time because I don't live in a good area for pickup. When I saw the KJ help thread I decided to admitt to myself that I am a KJ, that even though I have lots of experiences with women it doesn't matter, I'm still a KJ.

I'm an average looking guy at best. Been at this in various ways over the past couple of years.

My main problems right now tend to be that nothing works consistantly for me when I talk to strangers. If I use a canned routine it comes off a bit dis-genuine. By the time I get good at delivery it comes off scripted a bit. If I try to be natural I find myself not always knowing what to say in the uncomfortable situations that come up in the early stages of interacting with a stranger. I try to compensate for that by either being a bit of a dick, or by being a little too forward and deep and charming/nice .. I guess I figure if I do one of those things it may get the girl to be more invested in our interaction or to contribute more.

I'm not a virgin and have been with some girls but I have never been a player or a natural.

When I go out half the time I have a bad night, lacking balls or conversational skills. The other half of the time I have a good night but either fail to pull the trigger when I should, mess up logistics, or get LMR. Once in a while though things fall in place for me, but despite all the theory I have read and all the posts that I have made I wouldn't really be able to explain what it is that makes things work out for me when they do. It's kind of random. I think if I had to guess I would say that it's when I don't listen to the fear inside my body and I just DO what I know I need to DO and take what comes of it, and then try again with another girl unphased until I succeed. Usually when I don't get the results it's often because I hesitate or let the fear get the best of me, maybe I miss a chance to escalate, maybe I take a sign from the girl too negatively, maybe I go with the girl that is more into me even though the logistics are horrible instead of the girl who is more uncertain about me with perfect logistics.

This is also why I am involved in this challenge. I figure if I can get to a point where I am opening more consistantly and taking the average interaction as far as I can regardless of how I feel internally that I will have more consistant results.