Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Well, it certainly isn't me. Hey there! I'm relatively new to this scene. I've been working on my game since December.

I don't know if I am like most people here are not in my background. I was never successful with women growing up. I was the late bloomer. I met a great girl when I was 19, and spent 3 years with her. Was engaged and everything.

We worked together, along with her other boyfriend. She cheated, she dumped me, and I began a string of self-destructive tendencies when it came to women. I was clingy when I could attract, shy until approached, drank way too much when out. I'd sit there and talk about how I would do this or that to a girl to get her to like me, but never would actually do.

Then after yet another heartbreak, a buddy of mine bought me something that changed my life. The Game.

From there, I started getting better success. I've increased my sexual partners and gotten better sex exponentially. But I'm still working on improving my game. I have a long way to go, and would love to get a chance to see some good PUA's in action, and learn from them as well.

I live in the Baton Rouge area, but I love to travel. If it's within driving distance, I'm down to go party if you wanna go out and help another fledgling amateur out!